Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This morning...

... I am grateful for:
:: tulips my honey brought me yesterday and him knowing I'd rather have tulips than red roses...
:: a red cyclamen we bought together this weekend
:: the fact that we can plant both of them outside when we are done enjoying them in the house
:: a big piece of chocolate ganache torte (yum!) that our friends Doris and Alberto brought us for Valentine's Day
:: dates filled with herbed cream cheese, something my sister taught me when I last stayed with her (double yum!)
:: mini cupcakes our friend Jennefer and her family made and shared for Valentine's Day.
:: having had two mini cupcakes for breakfast (yum again!)
:: taking a walk with Winslow this morning in the fresh air after a day of rain
:: spying a great heron roosting way up in a tall pine tree
:: the wonder at how they don't fall over standing on a branch on one leg
:: having time to paint this morning
:: being surrounded by a creative mess in my studio
:: making a decision not to take a college class this next quarter and rather having time for other things and my own art
:: still feeling like my cold might not be a cold at all - nothing has happened beyond a sore throat yesterday
:: feeling so absolutely right with my world

Wishing you a creative day!!


  1. That's not fair, Silke! You're making me want something sweet with all those delicious looking photos! My mother's favorite flower is the red Cyclamen and as far as I can remember, she always had a pot on the windowsill growing in the house.

    Alles Gute,
    Doris :-)

  2. Genau, das geht gleich ungefiltert auf den Hüftspeck, aber sooo lecker.
    LG Sabine

  3. What a lovely positive post - thank you. And I love the idea of dates filled with herbed cream cheese. Must try them.

  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I love how you LOVE what your doing...
    BRAVISSIMA painting and pastel...