Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grace - Finished Painting

Well, here's a new one for me: I am using art to procrastinate on doing other art. I need to be painting another portrait on a copper plate for my etching class. Instead, I surround myself with canvases of all kinds and paint on those...
I used to get upset when I procrastinated, but now I just know that my energy isn't in the right place yet for doing the other work. And I know I'll get it done. I always do.
So, I enjoyed my little paint party today. And I finished "Grace." She turned out to be a little jewel on a deep 5 x 5 inch canvas. I enjoyed that smaller format for a change.
I love extending the painting over the sides with these 1.5 inch deep canvases and I did so here.
5 x 5 inch (13 x 13 cm) acrylic painting
for sale in my Etsy Store
I hope you are all having (or have had) a beautiful Sunday.

Here, it poured rain all morning complete with thunder and lightening, but now it is sunny once again... And in that sunshine I am off to the grocery store!

And then tonight we have a date with the last episode of the season of Downton Abbey. What a great program! Maggie Smith is one of my very favorite actresses!

Life is good! I hope for you as well!!