Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rowan - a new print

This print has been a couple of weeks in the making. It has gone through several stages and finally this one is very close to the finished Artist Proof. I have spent many hours at the print shop last week and will again this afternoon and I am so thrilled with how this turned out! Somehow quite sweet and just a little creepy...
I've been thinking how much my life has changed in the last three years just by opening myself up to a more creative life. This morning I reread my very first blog post and remembered how I struggled to make just a little bit of time every week to make art or something creative.
Having the blog helped me - somehow I had to have things to show to all of you. Now, I have the opposite problem - I could make art from sunup to sundown and sometimes struggle to find time for all the other things I like to do. I'm taking classes, I'm making my own art and I find that this creativity has permeated every facet of my life.
9 x 12 inch intaglio print (on 12 x 16 inch German Etching paper)
And all of that in three short years of finally paying attention to my inner voice. I witness that same phenomenon among many of us - when we start listening to those quiet (yet persistent) inner voices, there's no limit to what we can do - no matter what our age or where we are at in life!

Wishing you an amazing day!!