Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea or Coffee?

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?
We used to be coffee drinkers, but have somehow changed over to mostly tea now. I still LOVE the smell of ground coffee beans and the smell of coffee brewing, but drip coffee doesn't agree with me anymore. It makes me nervous and upsets my stomach. I still love espresso drinks though (you can see me drinking a delicious latte in my profile picture).
Some years back - when we still lived in Albuquerque - we discovered Harney & Sons and now we buy our tea in bulk. My absolute favorite tea of theirs is the Paris blend and for a strange reason.

When I was a teenager in Germany, we were into drinking tea. My hometown of Münster had quite a few tea shops and they always had a very special smell - a combination of black teas, scented teas and fruit teas. Paris tea smells just like that to me and instantly brings back memories of happy times with friends! Smell is such an amazing memory trigger, isn't it?
Every time I order I get a small tin of a tea we haven't tried yet. This time it was Black Currant flavored black tea (it actually has chunks of dried fruit in it), which I can already tell is going to be a favorite.

And, when the tins are empty, they become great containers for art supplies. They are lining the window sill in my studio and the top of a bookshelf in Daniel's studio. Tea and art - I think they go together beautifully...

So, are you a coffee or a tea drinker? And are there special blends of either you like best?


  1. I have mostly switched away from coffee. I have always said that they would make it illegal if they knew what effect it had on me. I still imbibe once in awhile for a rocket boost. This past year I have been substituting with roasted dandelion root tea which is robust and very good for you at the same time.
    I got into a big tea habit however on our recent trip to India and still seem rather hooked on it now.
    I don't care for herbal teas very much in general.
    Thanks for asking. xoxo Kim

  2. I don't drink tea or coffee that much but I would have to say its more coffee. It doesnt agree with me either for the same reasons. We only drink it on the weekend mornings.

    When we would go out to RI and stay at the B&B we love they had an afternoon tea for the guests. And Harney and Sons was the only brand they used! I smiled when I saw the pics in this post. I love the peppermint tea. Everytime we would come back from a long weekend I always say, yes, lets do our own afternoon tea at home. Somehow we never end up doing that!

  3. ~mmmmmm...a tasy warm comforting post this morning...i am a mix of coffee and tea...we switched to an espresso machine last year...far better than drip coffee and we use a french press when camping or out in nature!!! then tea for me after the morning hours...dandelion...rose many wonderful ones...if you have a metropolitan market around they have one that is called die for yummy...and a pomegranate green tea...ah i could go on and on about tea!!! happy drinking...much love light and blessings~

  4. Liebe Silke,
    als Teenie habe ich auch nur Tee getrunken. Erst als ich anfing im Büro zu arbeiten wurde ich eine "Kaffetante". Mein Konsum hält sich allerdings in Grenzen. Ein frisch aufgebrühter Tee ist natürlich etwas ganz Besonderes, weil man daraus eine richtige Zeremonie machen kann.
    LG Sabine

  5. Tea preferred and it takes a lot to beat a good Irish Breakfast Tea. But I'm happy to have coffee as well... In fact I'll drink almost anything non-alcoholic (and a few liqueurs too).

  6. Yes...and...Yes! :-) I used to be mostly a tea tea, chamomile, earl grey, cranberry, etc... Lately, I'm all about Dunkin Donuts' coffee. The big least twice a week! So yeah, tea AND coffee for me! {The black currant tea sounds soooo good!!}

  7. Liebe Silke,

    ich bin für Kaffee.
    Die richtige Teesorte habe ich nie

    Alles Liebe

  8. I love my coffee and I also love my tea....depends on my mood...but I love these amazing tins you have.....they are gorgeous!!!

  9. I am a huge tea drinker and as it is summer in Australia and very hot and humid where I live I am currently drinking lots of green tea, both as normal and as iced teas, and my favourites are a Japanese Lime and a China Jasmine... both mean summer to me, but I also have a passionfruit and mango black tea which I usually save to drink in Winter and need to be reminded that summer is on its way... it is all about the scent I think and would love to know what is in the paris blend... nice post and glad to have found your blog...xx