Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A new sketch

A new face is emerging on the canvas I showed you yesterday. Often, I don't think of a name until I am finished with the painting, but this time, while I was sketching her, I kept thinking "Lara." So, I think that's what I'll call her. We'll see. Next step will be an underpainting again - I really enjoyed that last time and it made the colors so very rich. I also have to tweak with her left eye a bit - seems a little too big now that I see the photo.
This morning, besides sketching her, I've already prepped three other canvases. I feel compelled to do lots of painting and here's the reason: Daniel had quite an intense cold this last weekend and I woke up with a sore throat today. So, I'm making art while I can. Maybe it's just allergies - here's hoping!
Wishing you much love today!



  1. How beautiful!!...she is soulfully gorgeous! I also adore the backdrop..such energy..wonderful!

    PS: wow..Fiona looks fabuous and amazing!

  2. Oh, Lara is lovely already! Cannot wait to see her painted!

    Hope its just allergies! Either way hope you feel better fast!! And Daniel too!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Oh, and what a sweetheart you are for wishing love to those who may feel alone on this holiday. Such a lovely sentiment.