Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Firmly in the grip of art

This morning, I started painting fairly early and I just now realized how much time had gone by. There's not much else I can get as lost in, where time seems to stand still and my focus becomes so clear and intense. 
Lara is taking on shape and I like where this is going. I am really starting to love doing an underpainting with just burnt sienna and titanium white. It really helps me see the lights and darks without different colors in the mix. Next step is color. Maybe this afternoon!
Simultaneously, I am also working on this little painting. Truly little, on a 5 x 5 inch deep canvas (a recycled flower painting). She's going to be beautiful, I think...
I also framed two of the prints (both are No. 5 out of 6 of the editions) for an upcoming show at school. I love how wonderful art can look when it's framed. And with these it's so easy because the paper border serves as the matte! 
9 x 12 inch intaglio print (on 12 x 16 inch German Etching paper)
Available in my Etsy Shop
And lastly, a simple print of little Rowan in blue ink. My professor had gotten new ink that can be cleaned up without a solvent (much better for the environment) and wanted me to try it out on this copper plate. There was something so sweet about this print, I decided to pull an edition of three.

I usually don't do two posts in one day, but I couldn't wait. Sharing here in the blog world adds an extra layer of deliciousness to living a creative life. Don't you agree?!


  1. How wonderful to have such artistic talent. I love what you do.

  2. Your new painting is look really great, Silke. I like the depth of the colors in her face. Good job!

  3. Golly, Silke. Sign me up for your art school. I love the stuff you're creating there! And your paintings are beautiful! You truly impress me.

  4. Wow Silke! You have been busy! Hope you are feeling better. These girls look amazing already! Cannot wait to see them finished! Enjoy getting lost in art!