Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flowers and such...

Every once in a while I splurge and buy flowers. And right now - with Valentines Day looming large - there are flowers in abundance in every store.
So, I bought some and divvied them up among one larger vase and many small ones.

Janet mentioned our little Guadalupe statue in her comment - we bought that on one of our many trips to Oaxaca and I just love it. The pretty and colorful heart was a gift one year from my sister, Caroline. And the little feather vase on the left was a giveaway gift from Annie. All three of these wonderful women are also artists and if you click on their names, the link will take you to their very inspiring blogs...
The Narcissus in the photo below are from our garden. They have such an intense fragrance and I'm not sure if they smell good to me or not. They definitely smell better to me at a distance.
I love this photo of Daniel in Ireland.

And don't you love those tiny little figures in their traditional Black Forest costumes? My aunt gave those to me many years ago as a little reminder of my roots - my mother was from the Black Forest and I was born there. Do you notice the red pompoms on the girl's hat? That means she's single. If she were married, those pompoms would be black. So, I think those two are courting, don't you?! He's probably making plans for Valentines Day! :-)

And look what arrived yesterday!! The January/February issue of LandLust. I can wait to take a few minutes this weekend to look at it. I'm sure the March/April issues is soon to follow, considering it's almost mid-February. Time sure goes by so quickly!
I keep meaning to tell you, I am having problems adding new blogs to my blog lists in my side bars. There are quite a number I'd like to add, but somehow blogger isn't allowing me to do that at the moment. It seems to be a fairly widespread problem. I hope it gets fixed soon!

Wishing you a fantastic Saturday. If I paint later on, I might post again...


  1. I like the smell of narcissus and I love that little Guadalupe statue you have next to those beautiful flowers!

  2. Beautiful photos! Its always nice to have flowers around the house. And I love the story you told about that cute little couple and the girl with the pom pom hat!!

    Time sure is flying by!! Wishing you a lovely rest of the day!


  3. Like Cathy Bueti, I loved the story about the little figures. They are so cute. It's amazing what you learn on the internet!

  4. Such beautiful photos Silke- definately makes me wish for spring-- how wonderful that you have flowers in bloom! Love the statues- and the great photo of Daniel.

    We've just had our first winter snow-- ugh-

  5. I so adore flowers - only I am so allergic to many. :( I enjoy any chance to see beautiful photos of them...hope you are enjoying these lovelies!