Friday, February 17, 2012

Lara - Finished Painting

Lara is quite different from my other paintings if simply for the fact that she has blond hair!
I am so enjoying painting these women at the moment! Each one of them is different and with none of them do I know how they will look in the end.
It was the same with this one. And I'm so happy I am painting on collaged papers again - I did this in the very beginning of my painting life three years ago and then sort of got away from it. I love texture and the depths I get from a layer of papers.
11 x 14 inch acrylic painting
available for purchase in my Etsy store
My friend Cathy (Artsy Butterfly) inspired me to share this painting over at Paint Party Friday. And because her hair looks very fluid to me as it blows in the breeze, I am also entering her in this week's Illustration Friday Exhibit.

I'm already on to the next painting and can't wait to show you!

P.S. I loved all your comments on my previous post about coffee or tea! I am drinking tea right now, but I think later this morning I'll go by my favorite cafe in town (on my way to the print studio) for a latte...