Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank you!!

Thanks for all your wishes for us on our anniversary yesterday. You all are so sweet! We had a really fun day and I thought I'd share some of it with you.
We spent the morning at the beach and it was heavenly! Between our road trip, Daniel's knee surgery and the recent heat wave we had, we hadn't spent any time at the ocean. But yesterday morning, it was perfect!
Not many people
and the ocean was so calm!
Plus, the water temperatures great right now - still a little refreshing, but warm enough to stay in the water for hours if you want to.
And the air temperature under our umbrella was exactly right for reading and relaxing.

In the evening, we decided to go out for dinner, somewhere fun that had been recommended to us. The Schnitzel Shack! It was started last year by a couple where he is German and she is Thai and they offer both German and Thai food. Daniel was a little concerned (he knows I'm not a fan of the American version of German food), but I knew it would be great!

It may not sound like the most romantic way to spend our anniversary, but somehow it seemed appropriate for celebrating our marriage that spans two continents and two cultures. So, off we went!
And we were not disappointed. Phillip (you can see him behind me at the bar) greeted us. He is the owner's son and we all liked each other immediately and struck up a conversation in German. They moved to Rincon, GA from Darmstadt.
We quickly saw that this is a popular place for Americans and Germans alike! Did you see the big shelf in the first photo that is filled with beer steins? I hear that those belong to the regulars...
Speaking of beer, Phillip told us that their beer is the German Spaten draft beer, imported directly by plane from Munich. Even the equipment used to dispense the beer is imported from Germany and apparently dispenses the beer differently than US equipment does. All I can say is it tasted just like it does in Germany!
Now to the food. You can order German food or you can order Thai food OR you can do what I did and order one of their mixed dishes. Daniel went all German (and loved it!), but I ordered a Schnitzel with Thai Basil Sauce. It's good to mix things up, right?
 I could not imagine how that would taste, but it was DELICIOUS! I mean EXCELLENT!
Happy, happy!

P.S. It's hard to believe as it's been a while, but I'm actually working on some art and I'm hoping to have something to show you again soon...


  1. Wonderful post! Yay! Looks like a beautiful day!
    yay..looking forward to your art. and I wanted to say..i have been enjoying checking out your other blog list on the side..lovely new blogs!

  2. Oh it looks soooo good! German red cabbage! Yum! And the beer THAT is a glass of beer. :D Sounds wonderful.
    Maybe we all can get back to some art.
    Rain this a.m. but I'm afraid it will just steam things up....sigh...


  3. Awwwwwwwww, happy belated anniversary Silke!! You two are adorable in so many ways! ♥

  4. Gosh, you guys couldn't look any happier if you tried...what a wonderful day you had! Thai and German, now that sounds interesting and yes, I think it is fun to mix things up a bit ;-)

    I have a suggestion, Silke, why don't you do a self-portrait one day. That one photo of you is just perfect for painting. You have such striking eyes... (just a thought!)

  5. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Schnitzel with Thai Basil sauce - I can't imagine that either!
    Were you drinking Weißbier or did they just serve in the typical Weißbier glass?

  6. Oh so lovely! Yes, happy happy. **kisses** Deb

  7. Also Spaten kriegen wir sogar in Köln eher schlecht! Von daher ein zünftiges Prost! Und Schnitzel mit Thai-Basilikum - that sound interesting:-) Und Ihr seht so glücklich aus. Das macht Spaß zu sehen.

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely anniversary photos. You both look so happy and in love. :) The restaurant looks good. Such an interesting menu. :) It is indeed good to try new things. :) Theresa

  9. Your meal looks really delicious! I'm so glad you guys had a great time and have discovered a wonderful new restaurant.

  10. Love! Isn't it grand!!! Thanks for sharing your anniversary with us! Looks like a great day! Saw some new food I need to try too!!! :-))

    Enjoy the rest of the week too, why don't ya!!

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary belatedly. Beautiful photos. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Wonderful two, I send blessings and many more years of love to you!!!!!! Light and congratulations, Amy

  13. You are the most attractive couple!

  14. Looks like a lot of fun!! That is one big beer :)