Monday, July 5, 2010

A Joy in our Garden

This year, to my great delight, many zinnias self-seeded in our garden and we let all of them grow.
And now they are blooming so prolifically, that I am able to cut them for the house in abundance.

They are such happy flowers. And it seems that the more of them I cut, the more flowers they produce, for which I am very grateful! 

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to your week! I am planning to be by your blogs this week to visit... 


  1. I love a flower!...And these are beautiful!!! What a nice on-going surprise for you every day! Reminds me of the happiness I get from my daisies! I posted a blog about them here-->

  2. ... happy flowers ...
    glückliche Silke ...
    Liebe Grüße, Verena

  3. Oh Silke, they are indeed quite lovely! Nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your day! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful 4th! :) Theresa

  4. Beautiful is wonderful to enjoy your blooms ...inside and out...I love making bouquets too..and especialy having some in my art just feels so inspiring having these companions of nature right there to gaze at and smell!Enjoy your Zinna magic..they have blessed you well..

  5. silke, do you know that pink zinnias are my favorite flowers of all time? i just planted two dozen this very morning!

    and you have posted this just as i've sent you an email. synchronicity at work. hmmmm. i like that!!

  6. I love it when flowers reseed themselves, I always think it shows you have a magic garden-a place that flowers love to be. Enjoy.

  7. I used to have a lot of the pink/salmon ones when I had the vegetable garden. They were so beautiful, and yes, the more you cut, the more they produce since they are annuals. With the right weather and care, you could have blooms all summer.
    Your second photo, on the left...the salmon one--those are what I used to have in all sizes!
    Nothing like a zinnia!
    HAve a good day!


  8. I think everyone loves a happy flower don't they ? Brilliant post. Have a wonderful week

  9. Happy belated Independence Day Silke. Your flowers are very pretty!

  10. Ohhh, diese Farben. Dein Garten ist zum Niederknien!

  11. Zinnias are wonderful, even when the bloom ages. Lucky you!

  12. What team work, you prune and they produce! I love cut flowers all over the house too...have a great day, Silke :-) I went more blueberry picking - am contemplating taking up jam or jelly making!

  13. Tolle Blumen, du hast wirklich
    einen sehr schönen Garten.

    Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich euch noch.

    Grüße, Carmen

  14. I love Zinnias. They look beautiful. I didn't grow any this year, darn. Fabulous. Have a great week.

  15. wonderful to be able to bring their cheer into the house!

  16. Just beautiful Silke, flowers around the house do make one happy! I even have them in my bathroom!!
    Have a great week lady!

  17. Hope your days have been full of joy. These flowers are a joy! Blessings friend.

  18. Beautiful! I love zinnias, and planted a dwarf variety this year. I put a tiny arrangement of them on my dining table, and they brighten up the entire room. I even posted a couple pics of them on my blog. I hope mine self seed so I can enjoy them again next year :)

  19. Oh Silke - I love zinnias - one of my favorite flowers of summer. Your garden is lovely!

    I feel like I have missed so much here lately - have to catch up on your posts! we have been soooo!!! busy at work. 36 babies and 12 nurses working our butts off!

    I am staying right here until I catch up!


  20. They are happy! They live with you!

    have a great week Silke, Daniel and furry babies.

    xoxo lori

  21. would you like to invite me to your garden someday?

  22. Silke your art in Etsy is looking sensational. You can see the love just beaming out from them.
    Hopefully one day your dreams will be more vivid to you in the daytime. I know what you mean. I hear conversations and sometimes I understand them and don't remember them either. Maybe the odd word. I am reading that half an hour of prayer a day keeps the right amount of spiritual food coming to us so we can grow.
    Here's to love and light!
    I do see your spirit shining in your paintings so much. Cannot explain it exactly, they're strong and gentle and gently powerful.
    Thank you for sharing your dreams with me Silke!

    Loads of love!


  23. You can always count on zinnas and cosmos to come back and last all summer long!
    Liebe grusse,