Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Outing

A couple of days ago, Daniel convinced me - despite the heat and humidity - to go to our favorite rooftop bar in Savannah. Neither of us are "bar people," but this one is exceptional because of the good food and the amazing view! 
As you can see, behind me the sky was sunny and fairly clear, but behind Daniel
it looked dark and menacing!
Still, we stayed outside. Daniel sketched,
and I watched the huge cargo ships go by
and into the harbor.
Until it started pouring rain!
We hung out in the hotel lobby until the storm had moved past. Aren't those chairs the coolest?!
And that interesting! I love that chandelier.
Daniel got a little bored, so he played with the camera and took lots of pictures of me.
This one is kind of fun...
When we got home, Winslow was happy to have us back.
At our house ... not a drop of rain!

Now, if you want to see Daniel's finished sketch and find out all the other details of our outing, click here to go to Daniel's sketch blog!


  1. Hallo Silke,

    wieder einmal tolle Bilder.
    Du hast recht die Stuhle sehen cool aus.

    Liebe Grüße, Carmen

  2. What a wonderful rooftop bar! I love the photos and Daniel's sketch is fantastic. Lovely to see you both having fun. xx

  3. What's going on here?! First, you are too tall and look like a giant next to the house. And now you are too small and look like a pixie fairy with that huge chair and enormous ottoman!

    Love it! Love all the photos!

  4. SILKE!!! You really are a model you know! Oh that shadow shot of you is beautifully stunning. I love the shot of Winslow...wonderful lighting and excellent cropping. **blows kisses** Deb

  5. I love those summer storms in Savannah. You would think they'd cool things off, but they just seem to turn everything steamy. You get a terrific facial just walking around!

    Wonderful photographs!!

  6. I remember the photos of your visit there last year. The furnishing in the hotel lobby is very cool. And the food - you didn't even mention the food! LOL

  7. I love the pic of you that is all dark and mysterious! "The side of Silke we don't KNOW!!!"
    Maybe it has something to do with that huge tufted leather ottoman/bed by the chairs!!!! :D
    That looks like the coolest


  8. Ok, why don't I know about this place?!! Last weekend we could have used it! Those photos of you are really good; I too like the dark one! Glad that you guys got some rain, we are still without. :(
    Liebe grusse,

  9. I am loving this tag team blogging.
    What fun!!
    Daniels picture is awesome.

  10. Wonderful outing...I used to love doing stuff like that around my neighborhood when I lived in Laguna Niguel, CA...It's great to explore ones own neighborhood as if seeing it through a tourist's eye (for instance.) A lot of folks have seen places far away and failed to explore their own back yard. Lovely photos of you, Silke! Winslow is such a handsome boy. He looks like a good dog! Bet he was glad you came back...he probably though you had left him - AGAIN ;-)

    It's been raining here every night and my boy is so afraid of the thunder. I call him my Chicken Little because he thinks the sky's falling ;-)

  11. What a beautiful photo of you (in shadow)...such a model you are! There is some really interesting furniture at that bar! Sounded like a fun day - until the rain. But you both made the best of it, obviously! Have a great holiday weekend. Theresa :)

  12. I love the looks of that rooftop bar! Sorry you got rained out, but the lobby looks pretty fascintating too. So nice to find local hangouts where you can go & enjoy yourselves!

    Hey, everybody, head over to Poppytalk to see one of Silke's pictures. It was chosen as a favorite from today's Summer Colours gallery!

  13. Wow, dear.......looks like you two had a really good day! Love how you enjoyed the place and the sofa (hahahaha).......but it must be better to see who waited for you at home :))

  14. Lovely day, lovely post, lovely you! Great photos Silke and Daniels sketch, oh MY!

  15. What a wonderful thing to do on a hot, muggy day!!
    I'm going to peek over at Daniel's blog!

    Hugs and love,

  16. Just went to Daniel's sketch, wonderful sketches!! We're not bar people either, but we like going to the outside gardens around here and in Las Cruces, NM...humidity and all. Yes, the desert Southwest has it's humid days, like right now! But heavenly desert breezes will dry us out again and it's back to lots of moisturizers and lip gloss!! LOL

    Have a lovely weekend.


  17. What a fun outing and the menu sounded delicious. How did you decide on only two items?

  18. Yay..what a wonderful adventure filled outing! the photos are beautiful...aweseom..and woah i love that leather automan! A perfect day!
    Happy wkd!

  19. Oh I missed this one. You look so lovely posing on that ottoman. Daniel looks so serious, like a professor! You are both beautiful.

  20. Silke - what a fabulous place to go for a drink and a dinner! Love the view and actually - I love that gray sky! I just visited your sweet Daniel's blog and left a comment - his talent is amazing as well! Gosh!

    This just looks like someplace that I would love to be - so maybe we should go there for a drink when I come for a visit! I am heading your way on a girl trip in October - maybe will make a stop buy!