Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Creative Journey

I've been reading and rereading your comments on this post and thinking about all the good wisdom you shared with me and all of us, really. This has spawned quite a few blog post ideas as I want to share my thoughts with you.
First of all, I was reminded by you that this is a creative journey. Not a destination. It is a becoming, which implies movement. I've been so focused on the end result, the paintings I create (and don't create right now), that I was missing the deliciousness of the whole process.
Painting is so new to me that for some reason I didn't realize that it also has a rhythm to it, just like the rest of my life. I've gotten used to most things coming to me in waves, like the high and low tides I see at the ocean.
And when it's low tide, I'm never afraid that the high tide will be forever gone. I know it's coming again. The same, I take it from your experiences, is true for the creative muse.
You've also reminded me that this is bigger than just cranking out paintings. This is my life. I am expressing all of me in this art and, again, the ebb and flow of all of life will be present in my
creative journey.
Now that I 'm writing about it, it seems so obvious. Thank you for pointing it out to me. So, forward I march, simply being me - whether I paint today or not. All of life is art really, isn't it? And how we live it makes us an artist, not just if we can paint on a canvas.
What do you think?
(I took all photos on a beach outing on Tybee Island a few days ago. Click here to see Daniel's finished sketch. It's really beautiful!)


  1. Very wise words, my friend! Life is a journey, and it's supposed to be fun. Now that you've taken the pressure off yourself, I'm sure your creative muse will reappear. Just go with the flow and enjoy all that you have and all that you are in this, your wonderful life!

  2. Perfectly expressed Silke! It is the constant ebb and flow.....there are the FEW who constantly crank things out; they are a rare and wonderful exception.
    But yes, LIFE is art--how we live, how we move through this world, what is around us each day to notice, see deeply, examine, store in the brain.
    It is all art if a person has the eyes to see.


  3. Beautiful Silke..hugs..wonderfully said.. Shine On!

  4. I have not commented much on your site because I have just started to discover the creative me -- it only took 50 years! I feel as though I have nothing to offer you, yet I always find thoughtful serenity when I visit your blog.

    I commented to someone the other day that I think I stopped being a child when I was 8. I know my creativity has lain dormant for at least the past three decades. It is rusty.

    So while I am not at the point of discovery that you have reached, I can learn so much from the post: enjoy the journey! Life is cyclical and just because it is an ebb moment - that does not mean that the flow will not come again.

  5. Such a good reminder to all of us! Every day here is just so busy that sometimes you forget about other things. Someone told my daughter (she's 25)the other day don't ever stop being a kid because when you do you stop looking at things in a creative fun way. So true. By the way looking at these beach photos is just making me want to go to the beach more. Has the crowd slowed down any or is it just as busy when we stopped by? Once school starts again then I know it will be slower. Bad thing about old age is that I like my peace and quiet now!!

  6. lovely, peaceful photographs...and enjoyed the always

    so good to visit with you today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  7. Dearest Silke, so sorry not to have visited for a while, I haven't sat still in a long time...xx I loved this post & the beautiful serene photos. I'm writing every day now, have a deadline (self imposed) of 28th September to get all the recipes etc together for my book...I am recognising that ebb & flow for sure! Good to visit you again xox Rachel

  8. Yes Silke, it's all the ebb and flow of life. I've learned in my 50 years,...and yes, it's taken that long... that no matter how much you try to control it, fear it, delay it, speed it up, or ignore happens!

    And for creative people, it happens wonderfully...whenever it happens! :-)

  9. ...Forgot my P.S.

    I'm following your creative 'other half' now too!!! Talented "life" is just happening all around you! Enjoy it...and him!

  10. Wundervoller Post und wundervolle Fotos - und Du hast vollkommen recht, Silke. Dein Post hat mich daran erinnert, dass ich dazu neige, nich manchmal vom Leben überrollen zu lassen - dabei hatte ich mir doch vorgenommen, mit dem Leben zu schwimmen! Hugs Stefanie

  11. What lovely photos,Silke! Thanks for sharing ;-)I miss the beach, especially Laguna Beach! I love painting outside.
    I have to post Anonymus because I can't get into my blogger, so I'm doing this for now and when I need to post something, I'll have to post it from Flickr - crazy, isn't it, well, I guess it's a darn Virus!

  12. Wir schwimmen mit dem Leben - vielleicht auch mal gegen den Strom.
    Bei Silke und Daniel kommen wir immer ans Ziel.

    Liebe Grüße

  13. So beautifully said, Silke. It IS a journey. A discovery upon discovery. Embrace it!!!! Go with it!!! Theresa

  14. Es gefällt mir, was du über die Wellen gesagt hast.
    Ich glaube auch, das das so ist.

  15. Creative self discovery can be painful, and you never know if you've ever really arrived.

    You're photography here is eye candy to me though, and I'm sure your painting must be much the same.

    Also, Thank you for stopping by YummY Down and taking time to browse and leave a comment.

  16. All of life is a journey and you never know where the next bend in the road will take you. Just enjoy!

  17. ah, so now it's known that you can write, also.

    what a calm and wise place this is written from.

    i'm so glad.


  18. I would like to say that even though you are not painting, the fact that you wrote this post so honestly and beautifully, is in itself a creative process. There are very few bloggers who could write about their inner self journeys without sounding very self-centered and boring, so I should say CONGRATULATIONS!

    Don't be so hard on yourself Silke, my goodness! You are so prolific.

    And by the way, art does not only manifest itself in paintings and drawings.

    Your dishes are a work of art!
    Your photographs are a work of art.
    They way you speak is a work of art.
    The way you pet Winslow is a work of art.
    The way you arrange your furnitutre in your home is a work of art.

    Rather than having an end product to prove your artistry, I think we should live it. Every breath we take, every word we speak, every emotion, every though, should be art.

    We are not the WalMart or Target or Artist-Blogger or Boring-Whinny Writer of art and blogging. We are Silke, Ces, Bella, Marie, Anne, Deborah, Arijah, Tessa, Bjorn, Emily, Froggie, Vanessa, Daniel, Eric...

    You know what I mean?

  19. You so lovely! You have been my inspiration since before I quit my job. You live an artful life not only because you paint, but because of the WAY you live...each moment individually, savored slowly. That is what I am now doing. SILKE!!! These are fantastic shot. Look at how artfully you SEE. I especially love the first shot with the empty chairs and the shot with the child's sand bucket is pure genius. You, yourself, are a work of art! Happy Friday!
    **kisskiss** Deb

  20. How wonderful that you took the day to kick back and relaz - the beach photos are just wonderful! I can always think so much more clearly when I am at the beach!

    Have been to see Daniels amazing sketch - he is just fabulous!