Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Do you remember my series of sort of light-hearted little paintings I did earlier this summer?

I was looking at them a while ago and tried to figure out what to do with them because I like them as a series (and I want to hang on to the originals for now) and suddenly I thought: bookmarks! Aren't they fun?

As you've probably noticed from some of my posts and photos, we LOVE to read and I think one can never have too many bookmarks. (Especially if you are like me and have several books going at once!)
If you want to check them out in my Etsy store, click here. So far, I've only listed four of the series of ten, but I'll be listing the others as well soon...

Happy reading... 


  1. These are so cute! And I know what you mean about having more than one book going at a time. That's why I collect bookmarks. And yours are the cutest I've seen in a long time. Can't wait to see the rest in your series.

  2. I think this is a GREAT way to showcase these lovely paintings!

  3. Excellent idea, for those of us who have several books going at once, you sound like a girl after my own heart. Have a great day.

  4. What's a great idea Silke! Isn't it nice to find new ways to branch out and put your talent to use?! :-)) Wish I could think of some way to flatten my crocheted projects so I could steal this idea from you!! LOL ..Don'y worry! That's NOT going to happen!! :-)

  5. Und wir lesen schon damit!! Die sind so wunderschön, liebe Silke! Beim Lesen muss ich sie allerdings weglegen, denn sonst lenkt mich dein Kunstwerk vom Lesen ab! Danke dafür.
    Alles Gute, Verena

  6. Those are lovely Silke, I bought a laminator a while ago with the intention of making bookmarks but I still haven't got round to doing any *naughty me* it's just sitting there being all dusty and lifeless poor thing!! ;)

    Micki x

  7. They are adorable Silke! I love the one with the long hair.

  8. Silke, these are wonderful!!! What a great job! Theresa

  9. Hi darling friend! These are perfect!!!! Lucky books! I posted your gorgeous ribbon scarf you gave me on my blog today in thanks!!!! You are so talented and kind. Glad to know you. Blessings.

  10. Silke! i couldn't even wait to finish this post i had to run to etsy to get one! i love them, you did a wonderful job. I love books, bookmarks (have a hundred at least) mostly gifts from my Mom and handmade by my children when they were small. And now i'll have yours.
    You are lovely and talented (and generous) person. Thank you for making your art so affordable anyone can enjoy it!


  11. Dear Silke,
    they are so wonderfull,small pieces of art ,to let your eyes feast with, as reading a book.
    Wishing you a happy evening, and wonderfull rest of the week-
    I hope you are well, and that life is good.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  12. Perfect Silke!!!
    They look gorgeous in the plastic sleeves.
    By the way, you should be receiving a *real letter* soon. It is not a good one, but it IS a letter! :D

    Farmer Anne

  13. There you are, Beautiful One! I looked for you this morning. I L♥VE these. I mean BIG LOVE ♥♥♥ Heading to your shop right now before they are gone. Brilliant! **kisses** Deb

  14. Awe.... they are lovely as bookmarks!!

  15. Silke, what a great idea! and such perfect artwork to make into bookmarks.
    i bet these sell fast!
    Soon you will be "wearing" your wonderful artwork!

  16. i love to see fine shopping right before my eyes like this! i imagine your etsy had a few chingachings today. i know how wonderful that makes you feel, silke. you deserve it!


  17. Gorgeous Silke, you're so right - the perfect place & use for these beautiful creations xox Rachel

  18. Hi Silke, my beauiful friend! Just poppin in to say hello and see how your are.
    You and your art are beautiful!

    Loads of love!

    Huge HUG!


  19. cute! I like those
    they'd also make cute cards.
    or how about binding the prints together into a journal?

  20. love these!!!!
    what a sweet idea!!

    i've missed you and am trying to get caught up in the little time i have before i am off and running again on another mini family vaca!!

    hope all is bright and beautiful in your corner!


  21. What a fabulous idea dear Silke - these are just perfect little book marks! Just having one nearby would make you smile all along your reading! You are really on to something now!