Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Thank You...

I want to give a great big Thanks for a recent giveaway I won. And for this I have to say thank you first to the wonderful Theresa of Fairie Moon Creations for introducing me to Art and Beth. If you haven't yet visited Theresa's blog, you must (click here)! Not only does she create gorgeous jewelry, she also features different artists every week and many of them have a giveaway.

That's where I first saw the beautiful stained glass pieces created by Art and Beth Crouse of Glass of Many Colors. Click here to visit their website (which also has a link to their Etsy shop). The beautiful colors and designs are just a joy to look at!!

And here is what I won:
Aren't those the most beautiful wind chimes? When we unwrapped them today, Daniel saw immediately that they was perfect for our back porch with our bright orange door. Makes us very happy!

Thank you so much, Art, Beth and Theresa!!


  1. Wow - Silke, the wind chimes look AMAZING! They DO really match your back door quite nicely. I am so happy your name was selected; I knew you would totally love them. Art and Beth will be so delighted! Theresa :)

  2. We are thrilled you are thrilled! The orange door coincidence is astounding! Thank you for your kind words for our work. Many happy hours to you and Daniel enjoying the soft sounds of the wind chimes. Congrats!

  3. Ah lovely, and lucky you!!! They look wonderful with the other colors and I am sure they will make sweet sound on the soft summer breeze!


  4. Oh sweet wind chimes, they look so nice.I love them myself, I have about 3 on my deck.

  5. Yay..oh so gorgeous..they look super fantastic!

  6. Very Pretty! Congrats on your win...Also...nice door!! :-)

  7. Yes! Thank you to whosoever makes you happy!

    Just a good morning hello to you dearest, Silke. Tsup! Tsup!!!

  8. YIPPEE and a YAY! It looks like it was custom made for your cheery patio. I love wind chimes, they way they look and the sound. Makes me think of fall. Is is ever coming? ♥♥♥ Deb