Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surprise from Germany...

Yesterday, I received a note card in the mail. When I opened it, this little kitty in the bread pan made me laugh, and I thought: "How appropriate for me. I wonder who sent it?"
Then I opened it up and couldn't believe it! There I was staring not just at the cutest picture of my nephew, Julian, but at a piece of his most excellent artwork! He drew this for me after I had sent him this link to a live web cam of an eagle's nest.
Is he a gifted budding artist or what?! Not only that, but he's writing and not even in first grade yet! And do I sound like a proud aunt? Well, I am!!

Danke, Julian!! Ich schreibe auch ganz bald zurueck!

This inspired me to pick up my paintbrush again and paint. Tomorrow, I have a recipe to share with you, but on Saturday, it'll be more of my art!

In the meantime, thank you all for you continued visits, your inspiring comments, (your patience with the temporary word verification), and for making me smile and often even laugh out loud! You all are the best!!


  1. Silke that's wonderful, I love getting little suprises in the mail like that, it makes me smile for the whole day!!

    Micki x

  2. There is nothing better than the art and words of a child. It's magnificent!

  3. OMG...I love that cat in the breadpan!!! How funny! And what a darling nephew...full of art and cuteness; it oozes out, you can see it in the photo!
    Lucky you that you have many kin to connect with!


  4. I know just how a proud Aunt feels (love my Maddy girl!) He is adorable and that little drawing is priceless. I would frame that and call it equal with the most expensive painting in my house! He made that with love just for you~~~


  5. Wie schön für dich.
    Der Julian ist ja goldig und die Zeichnung ist echt toll!

  6. This is the definition of gift. What a blessing!

  7. yay..what a fabulous surprise to rceieve! Beautiful post! Lovely art!!

  8. Ja! Ja! Wir sollten auf unsere Kinder, Neffeen und Nichten stolz sein, wenn sie die Sachen mit den zartesten Gefühlen tun. Dieses ist, was das Leben gut bildet. Sie sind geliebte Silke und sehr viel so. Ich hoffe, dass mein Deutscher Ihnen sinnvoll ist.

  9. Oh isn't he the cutest boy?
    And what a talent. Looks just like an eagle nest.
    The cat in the pan is darling.
    The face is so sweet.
    Have a great dear one.
    love and hugs.

  10. Ces speaks German??? I'm so confused. **head spins and pops off** Silke, being an Auntie is so wonderful and such an important role to the child. My own nieces and nephew were almost grown by the time I had my children, and I got to enjoy them for many years. I love being an Auntie and now a Great-Auntie. That's ever better! Oh, I think the kitty is ready to eat. **kisskiss** Deb

  11. Oh, boy, that is a big ole kitty cat ... what a funny picture! These cats find the darndest places to sleep, don't they?

    Nice that your nephew wrote his auntie Silke and drew a picture for you. It's fun keeping on touch :-) and yes, you do sound like a proud aunt!

  12. what a stinkin dolll.....he is sooooo cute Silke!!!

    yes indeed...a budding artist!!! i love it!!!

    thank you for sharing with us

    big hugs and loves

  13. hello to you from Germany; not as cute as your nephew I know ;) love that it is coaxiing you back into the studio...

  14. Silke, what a wonderfull card, Those kids in that age, are just so dear, and wonderfull.
    As visiting my grandchild ,Mathilde 3 years ,last week,-she told me:" You are love grandma,-I love you" What better can you hear ,than such words of love ,from a little dear girl, not pretending, but just speaking out loud.UUUHHH I love her too, as you can tell.
    Love and hugs, to you too,dear.

  15. What a cutey pie and yes, a budding artist. That must have been a wonderful surprise. Take care Silke.

  16. Hi Silke, sorry it's been a while.
    I love children's Artwork too....OH I have so much to catch up on...I better make myself a cup of tea!

  17. How sweet! I can imagine how touched you were when you opened up and saw that lovely artwork. :) What a wonderful gift! Theresa

  18. Hahahaha! Aaaah, PRECIOUS drawing from a very beloved and talented nephew! It's in the genes.