Sunday, May 2, 2010

How Does Our Garden Grow?

It seems that my blogger problems have resolved themselves and I can show you some photos from our growing garden. This is such a magical time to me. Once it starts getting warmer here, everything seems to explode.

Our new clematis is looking happy by the mailbox post,
the hydrangeas are ready to show their full blue beauty,
the jasmine is filled with flower buds and almost set to enchant us with its sweet scent,
and the pomegranate is starting to show deep red blooms everywhere. I cannot wait for those papery beauties to unfold.
In our kitchen garden blueberries are getting bigger,
many tomatoes are starting to grow,
and perfect little eggplants are in the making.
Our chives are going strong, as are the few ramps (wild leek) we planted this year,
basil is already growing in abundance,
and healthy bushes of lemon balm are inviting us to pick a few leaves to savor their intoxicating smell (makes wonderful iced tea).
Our cilantro is so tasty,
as is the flat-leafed Italian parsley.
Salad anyone?
Tomorrow, I should have more art to show you. We've had so much going on these last few days that I haven't had much studio time, but I hope to make up for that today.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!


  1. It's so amazing to me to see photos of all this stuff growing when here in Maine it is time for daffodils and tulips, but too soon to plant a vegetable garden or even think about blueberries. It all looks very green and inviting. Happy Sunday! Don't forget to take your Moment in Time photo at 11 a.m.

  2. Wow, love all the buds and blooms in your garden! Still too early to plant tomatos and other cold-sensitive plants here - we have to wait until after mid-month...

  3. Love the clematis, its so pretty! So are your other flowers and the vegy garden is gong to be so good when everything ripens. Is that basil at the bottom? I love basil, but had trouble growing it last year. Maybe too warm here in SC?? Have a lovely Sunday, Silke.

  4. Wow! You are in full-on growing season! Everything looks great!

  5. I think I should like to flit big time and come land in your garden! How beautiful, and the things you can grow there that will not grow here!!!
    It does seem when the plants first start their blooming or fruiting that is goes fast; capture it quickly or it's gone and everything is full and green.
    What I would not give for a jasmine to grow here.....*sigh*..... :)


  6. Prepare the guest room! I am moving in!!!

    Silke you have the most colorful hands:
    Your thumbs are green,
    Your index fingers are wrapped in blue silk,
    Your middle finger is stained with red paprika,
    Your middle finger is painted with purple acrylic,
    Your ring finger is dipped in wheat dough,
    Your little finger picked up the grey dust bunny.

    Aah! I am the bearer of not-so-good-news. I posted about our beloved sisterfriend Arija today, she is in the hospital and needs our prayers.

  7. Okay! I just gave you six fingers on one hand. CRUD! The other middle finger belongs to the other hand. ACK!

    Okay, I am distracted. Please help me pray for Arija.


  8. Oh, your garden is looking SO beautiful, Silke! We have just started planting ours last week with more chilly-weather hardy vegetation and flowers. Can't wait to get to the real good stuff (tomatoes and beans, etc). Have a wonderful Sunday! Theresa

  9. You are so right. Two middle fingers HAHAHAHA! Renee would have had a field day. HAHAHAH! here's to middle fingers!!!

  10. Was hast Du für einen grünen Daumen, Silke. Deine Blumen schauen so wunderschön aus. Diese Fülle ist überwältigend und einen Liebling habe ich auch: Blaue Hortensien sind einfach ein Traum. LG Stefanie

  11. Dearest Silke, what magnificent pictures...I so love to see how different things are in your garden compared to ours! Our blueberry flowers are only just out, clematis still climbing, basil would freeze, everything's about a month behind you I'd guess...! great to see the green and remember what it WILL look like here too! Love to you this weekend, thanks for your lovely comments xox Rachel

  12. Everything is looking so good, I am surprised that you can grow blueberries over neat. Just look at that eggplant...and basil too. I'm jealous.:)

  13. Hi a beautiful garden..tomatoes, basil and eggplant already...out here in california my tomato looks sad..nothing on it yet?

    Thanks for stopping by to see Teddy..he says HI and Happy Sunday...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  14. Looks like a bountiful harvest ahead - you're quite the homesteader, Silke. Everything's coming up beautifully!

  15. these pictures are orgasmic, silke!!!

    i will have almost everything here in my garden, but you are a good month ahead of me. i think these herbs and plants and vegetables are very pleased with how well you have dressed them up for their class photo.

    my favorite time of year, too!


  16. Oh WOW, such an abundance of green. You have a very yummy garden, Silke. And ooh, your tomatoes are big already! Have a savory Sunday!

  17. Oh such abundance. I love pomegranate blooms. I always wonder why more artists don't paint them...their color is so saturated and luscious!

    Your salad looks wonderful!

    I picked about 10 blackberries from the garden today, a cherry tomato and a little squash.

    A yummy snack!

    Really enjoyed seeing your pictures.

    I'm glad they're working for you again!

  18. We can't even put in flowers or veggies yet. Just had frost last week. Pretty soon though. All of your things look so fresh and wonderful!

  19. thank you for the garden tour... I feel I can smell it's wonderful aroma :)

    I love gardens... they are a place of great magic.

    best wishes

  20. Ooooh nice garden. I love that basil. I love all your wonderful plants and the photos are just great. Thanks Silke, I loved this post. Take care and have a great week.

  21. Such a lovely post, i enjoyed seeing your garden so much Silke. It looks like everything is going to blossom and bloom all at once! I've had such a good time catching up here, seeing the resident wrens, the woodpecker, winslow and more of your garden, those roses!! i hope you had great sunday too and here's wishing you have a beautiful week ahead!
    love, lori

  22. Nature's magical abundance never fails to inspire, and neither do you. :) I love your energy, Silke, and your outlook on life. Sending you bright Beltane wishes as we dance into May. xx

  23. Love this post dear! Your eggplant and basil make me hungry!!!! Though I know the eggplant is not ready, ;) I hope you have a blessed week's beginning and I love that I can put faery Silke on my sidebar now that you have been given wings!!!!!!! Love and light,

  24. Your garden looks so luscious and healthy and it is only the first part of May! I love your photos, they bring back childhood memories of a pomegranate tree we had in our backyard. Your dog and cat critters look so precious! You have a wonderful blog here...I am going to tell my sister about you...she is at (Some times it is hard to get to her blog). She is very near your age.
    Oh, I am Teresa in California
    Now I need to look at all of your sidebar goodies!
    Have a lovely week!