Monday, May 10, 2010

Peace - a Painting

Every painting these days seems to be a little different from the others. This one is a little darker and then again a bit more playful. The writing around her reads: "she felt peace wash over her." I like that feeling.

And because today is my little sister's birthday, I am dedicating this post to her! Happy birthday, Caroline!!


  1. Hello again Silke!

    Your sister Caroline will love it for sure.
    Congratulations to her on her birthday and to you as a talented artist.


  2. A lovely title for a lovely painting :)I do like the patterned background.xx

  3. What just happened. Did I delete my unfinished comment, or did I inadvertently send it? Anyway, I was going to say that I like the halo like glow of this painting.

  4. Beautiful color combinations. I love maroon/burgundy and deep sea teal. Looks very rich!

    Happy Birthday to your little sister :-)

  5. She has a Madonna quality with stars in her hair. She is gorgeous. One of my favorites for sure. You are a mother of creation. A mother of joy and kindness. Glad to know you. Blessings.

  6. Really like this Silke. The use of the white (gel pen?) makes everything stand out, especially the face area. Love the expression too!
    HAppy Monday!

    Anne.....running way late!

  7. I love the sentiment too. May peace wash over all of us. Nice one Silke, I love the rose in the corner and the outline in white.
    I love the contrast between the womans light face and the dark background. makes your lovely lady pop!!
    Happy happy Birthday Caroline!!!
    Have a great week.

  8. My little granddaughter is also called Caroline, such a lovely name. Happy birthday, dearie! May you have peace all around you! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und Dir auch alles Liebe, Silke.

  9. Oh yes I love that feeling too! Happy Birthday to Caroline...she is so blessed to have YOU for a big sister. **blows peaceful kisses** Deb

  10. dear Silke,
    lovely!! this is SO pretty, i love the words and the white dots around her head. SO special. i can even see the peace surrounding her. i love it.
    Happy Birthday dear Caroline, little sisters are the biggest blessing.
    peace and love to you!

  11. Happy Birthday Silke´s little sister! I love the painting and those beautiful words around her. Hope everything is fine with you? I am a little busy and don´t have time to comment that much, but you are always on my mind and in my heart. hugs and love♥ Annika

  12. Another wonderful painting, Silke!
    Happy Birthday, Caroline!

  13. Traumhaft schön, da wird sich Caroline bestimmt freuen!

  14. Hi Silke. Happy Birthday to your sister Caroline and may she have many more. I like your latest painting and she does seem at peace. Have a great week.

  15. Like how you have placed the white dots around her head. She's beautiful.
    Thank you for your caring message, Silke.



  16. i LOVE that saying silke...
    and i love you.
    you are always so inspiring and real and uplifting.
    thank you for being YOU!

  17. A very beautifull painting, dear Silke, I love your words around her, and the tittle ,too--
    Happy birthday, to your sister.
    Hugs from me,

  18. Happy birthday to your sister! I really love this painting - the colors are dark but they still radiate. It's warm and peaceful. Wonderful job, Silke!!! :) Theresa

  19. Happy birthday to your sister. I like the new one...Have a nice week, Inge

  20. Another of your lovely ladies! I also like the sentiment & all of those leafy designs floating around her.

    Happy Birthday, Caro!

  21. happy birthday, special to have a little sister...

    i LOVE the writing on the anything with words...

    aren't dogs just THE BEST...and you're right about Teddy...sweet and spunky....

    we are enjoying every minute of him....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  22. silke, i really like those white dots. they are little dots of light. this piece is so hopeful and affirming. look how you've captured so many emotions at once on her face.

    your women and backgrounds are moving to another, higher level. you know this, right?

    happy birthday, caroline. your sister is a joy to hang with.


  23. How lovely Silke - another one of your beautiful ladies! Your sister will LOVE her.
    Thanks for sharig these pretty girls with us!


  24. SHARING - I hate it when I type too fast and make miss spellings!


  25. Hi has to be one of my faves now! She really stands out with a unique presence..there is just "this something" about her..mega-beautiful!she feels like she is from a whole new portal of your work! Love it! Happy Wishes to your sis!

  26. Good morning, Silke! Aah, she DOES have a very content, peaceful face. Her halo is lovely, and her face seems luminescent against the rich background. I love that flower on the side, too.

    Hope your sister had a fantastic birthday! YAY!