Thursday, May 13, 2010

Illustration Friday - Fearless

She often dreamed of living a fearless life.

As do I! I am a natural worry wart. And I have a very vivid imagination, which readily runs away with me... I often wonder what it would be like to be fearless. Do you know?

She was an interesting woman to paint. Again, I covered the 4 x 6 inch acrylic paper with a thick layer of molding paste (I love that stuff!!) and, when dry, started painting her in rather bright colors. But it just didn't look right. The colors didn't match her mood nor mine. She needed to have soothing colors, and finally it all came together!

Incidentally, there's one thing I never fear - showing you all my artwork! And that's because you are all so incredibly kind... Thank you!!


  1. She's beautiful :)

    I believe that fear in a healthy state protects us and therefore is much needed at times, but fear in an unhealthy state hinders us from a better life.

    best wishes
    Robyn x

  2. Love the colours so much, she is just magical!



  3. I think showing your art to us every day takes guts!! Give yourself more credit! love, Beth ♥

  4. This is wonderful art. I like the style and colours.

  5. Wow...she is magnificent Silke! I really feel some powerful energies from the past few creations!She has a real presence of empowered strength and's like a feeling of arrival..coming into one's own power..ya know??...I hear.."I have arrived in myself"!I love her long dark hair!

    I think you are an absolutely fearless woman..brilliant and creative and free-spirited..sharing all that you are and your art-journey so freely with us all.
    have a magical day...thanks for sharing yoru MAGIC!
    PS; do you talk to your they talk to you?

  6. I would love to be fearless as well. I always think too much and end up not doing. She is lovely!

  7. She's lovely, Silke, and really does look like she's looking off into the distance - wondering...

    I am thankful that I've never been prone to worry because I feel it's an utterly useless occupation ;-) Have you ever read "Don't sweat the small stuff because it's all small stuff"?

    I never forget reading somewhere that we can change our thinking because we are the only thinkers in our brains and we can banish certain thoughts from our minds, it just takes practice! I saw a scary movie one night and that crazy ladie's face kept creeping up on me whenever I close my eyes and it really upset me. I really had to work on banishing that image out of my mind because I certainly didn't want to be stuck in a dream with her in my mind, so I worked on it and I eventually overcame by forcing myself to have positive and happy thoughts - and prayers helped too :-)

    Doris and the gang!

  8. p.s. that doesn't mean I don't get scared or feel the effects of stress over lack of funds or illness, etc...
    Even brave people are scared, it's just that they don't let their fears stop them from doing what they set out to do. Not having any fear is unnatural, like your previous reader said.

  9. Bravo!!!
    You have inspired me.
    Maybe I should take a leap and post something I made in my blog. gulp!

  10. I love this lady so much Silke. She is an inspiration to me.
    I love those roses behind and around her head. Very nice touch, almost like a halo.
    She is very much like a Madonna in feel to me.

  11. I used to be quite a worry wart myself and then as my confidence in God's ability to handle my life took over, I worried less and less. When I find worry creeping in I simply remember to 'Let Go & Let God!'

  12. Greeting, fellow worry wart! I know just where you're coming from. Sigh.
    She's beautiful, Silke!

  13. De-Lovely! Silke, I have actually always thought of you as fearless. And peace-filled. Gentle. You are an inspiration to me. In fact, when planning to quit my job, I kept you in mind...I want to be like Silke when I grow up. **kisskiss** Deb

  14. She is beautiful.
    I like these rather deep blue roses around her dark hair.

  15. Sssssshhhhhh.....I'm sneaking in for a minute! ;)
    This one looks like you Silke---thinking, taking it all in, making choices. Is it unintentionally, a self portrait of emotional sorts?
    Very nice, and a distinct difference from some of the other ladies.
    I do like her!
    Now I'm sneaking back out......sssshhhhh.....


    Anne....healing up but going thru blog withdrawal!

  16. I like you know about worry. My mind always goes to the negative. I'm working on it though and try not to dwell on it as much and things are better. Have a wonderful week end my friend.

  17. ACK! am Verruca Grande (the Latin name for wart is verruca). I just don't have headaches, I hve strokes. I don't have acid reflux, I am having a heart attack. I don't have abdominal pain, I have cancer of the stomach. One time I was having this aura for three days, I thought my cornea got detached, well, wouldn't you know, I had my firsy migraine - classic migraine with an aura, but NOOOOOOO! Instead of paying attention to the aura, which could have stopped the migraine had it been treated, I kept working, covering my left eye until I was debilitated by the headache. Oh wai! that is not worry, I think that is being a hypochondriac... Hmn, that should be for another IF theme.

  18. Oh look! I only have a few misspellings/typos, getting better!

  19. Beautiful blues and reds. You've captured her faraway look so wonderfully! I think a little dose of fear is a good thing. :)

  20. right there with you worry wart!!!! i try desperately to not worry the way i do and have faith.....easier said than done, especially when it comes to my babies!!!

    she is beautiful Silke and I LOVE that you always share your treasures with us!!!

    big hugs and loves

  21. What a good thing--to never fear showing your stuff to folks! It's a really beautiful painting. I think I'm going to try the paste thing. I love the textures...and the colors...and her pensiveness....

  22. I would never guess you to be a worry-wort. Hell no, no way! You my dear are fearless. You don't fight your talent; you embrace it with open arms. You cook (something that confuses me to no end), you learned to boat, did I read somewhere about flying? Must I go on? And the painting is beautiful!

  23. She's beautiful, Silke! I love the leaves and the expression on her face. I can relate - to you and your fears. I am trying to live fearlessly, but it can be hard sometimes. There is always so much self-doubt that creeps up that one must always keep at bay. But you have talent in abundance - that is very evident. Keep doing what you are doing!!! :) Theresa

  24. I've found that it's best to be wary while pondering a fearless life, because that's the very time when people are most likely to sneak up and yell, BOO!!!

  25. "I just wanted to say "hi" and "boo!" You made me laugh out loud with your comment! Thanks for that!! And I hope you are feeling better!!"

    Thanks, Silke!

  26. I wondered why so many posts I was reading was about being fearless..... now I! Love your painting and she does look fearless!!

  27. she is wonderful, gives me a feeling of strength.

    I think to be too fearless can be dangerous...

  28. She looks like a woman on a mission. She's awesome!

    I don't worry about things I can't control...past, present or future. I live very much in the moment. It feels so good.

  29. fear: fight (defend yourself), flight (run like hell), or freeze (don't move and hope for the best).

    i think fear is part of being human, silke, but that doesn't mean it gets to make the decisions. i agree with robyn (who i love) on this one. sometimes i push forward with my knees knocking....

    p.s. i keep looking at her face. she looks detached.... xoxo

  30. She sure came together beautifully Silke! I too am a fearful person...that way I figure I'll never get a nasty surprise?! Have a lovely weekend, sorry I haven't commented for a while but I read all your lovely posts xoxo Rachel

  31. She looks peacful to me, as if she's staring fear in the face and saying "Bring it on. I'm not afraid!"

    Very nice!

  32. I can relate to the worry wart part, boy can I relate..
    I love this, she looks at peace and fearless at the same time.

  33. Well, i did not leave my comment here in time but even i can do it (i guess). This is a beautiful painting, i think is small, dont saw measures. She is like looking far away. Great clima.

  34. I think that she really is fearless - beautiful -as always!