Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Garden Update

This is the time of year when it seems that every day, our garden is showing us new treasures and shouting out with color! One of my favorites right now is our pomegranate bush with its vibrant, papery flowers. We are hoping some of them will turn into pomegranates!
And that this will turn into a zucchini.
The banana peppers are growing well already
as are many tomatoes! I'm so thrilled that this year we seem to be having more luck with our tomatoes. Last year was pitiful!
On the flower front, we are enjoying a new penstemon,
our yarrow that came back beautifully and strong,
hydrangeas just starting to bloom,
and some in full bloom already,
electric pink roses,
incredibly fragrant jasmine,
and the promise of sweet-scented gardenias.
How can I not be inspired every day?!

On another note, Caroline loved all your birthday comments and asked me to let you all know how much your wishes meant to her! Thank you from both of us!!

Tomorrow, I may have more art for you! I sure hope so...


  1. These are lovely images. The first one intrigued. I don't know why, but I'm a fall guy for papery flowers - must say something about me!

  2. What a lush and beautiful garden you have! Such a riot of bright color!

  3. Well, that is all just gorgeous! Your weather puts you a bit ahead of us....but we will get there eventually. How wonderful to walk outside and see such color and beauty!

  4. Hi Silke..Fabulous garden shots..yay..your flowers( I love hydrangeas) and plants are awesome! I love that pepper..!! Do you ever paint/create your art or sketch outside near your lovely plants? Yes it is so inspiring!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. What a colorful garden you have and everything looks to be doing so well. That pomegranate really does have quite a lovely flower.

  6. silke, you do know that first picture is a heart, right?

    it seems they are everywhere once you start to see them.

    ms. emily rabbit has a surprise for you on her post today. she says to hop on over.


  7. Oh my! Your garden is so lovely. Isn't it amazing how there can be such pretty blooms that will eventually turn into delicious treats for us to eat? Your gardens are well ahead of ours. We've actually had to cover our tomato plants because of frost advisories...for the past THREE nights! Hopefully, we can uncover them soon. Today, it will only be 48 degrees. Yikes!!! Thank you for sharing all your garden loveliness. :) xoxo Theresa

  8. Love your garden - I am still carrying the tomato and chili plants into the house at night. Maybe next week it will be safe to plant them in the "temple". We had a very scary thunderstorm last night - seems spring is becoming the season of storms.

  9. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful! I'm a wee bit green with envy over some of the flowers you can grow that don't tolerate the desert. Yours are not simply growing, they are thriving. But then, of course, everything thrives in your nurturing hands. **happy smiles** Deb

  10. What beautiful nature photos! Ahhhh....

  11. How beautiful! Isn't Mother Nature the best artist of all? I can almost smell that star jasmine. I have a small blooming bush in a pot on my back porch and I smell it through the open kitchen window when I'm standing there doing my dishes.
    I can hardly wait for the Gardenias. We've got soooo many bushes all around us. When they bloom all at once, the whole neighborhood is filled with its magnificent scent.
    Thanks so much for those lovely photos and have a wonderful day :-)

  12. it has been so rainy and gloomy in wisconsin lately, i cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see all of your blooming flowers! so many beauties and what wonderful veggies you have already! love that blue hydrangea! can't wait to see some of your new artwork!

    happy creating!

  13. i am thinking of sharing jellybeans with you. do you care if you just get the black and green ones, or do you need the yellow and white ones too?


  14. Oh just love these pretty garden pictures! I can smell the jasmine now! I planted a several sweet peppers this year too! Never have done veggies before, planted some bibb lettuce too! We'll see!! Hugs!

  15. Wonderful pictures!! I miss growing a garden. I just might have to start one up for next season. :)

  16. Your garden is so far along, we just planted our tomato plants. I can't wait for home grown tomatoes.

  17. inspiration is all around are blanketed with it my friend!!!

    the vibrant pinks and!!!! knock my socks off!!!

    big hugs and love to you

  18. Beautiful! so many colors and shades of green. I like that you grow so much of your own veggies. i hope your tomatoes are great this year!
    and oh the wildlife photos are great, thank you for sharing them. is it already hot and humid there? (i think the frog said it was) :)

  19. You have such a beautiful garden. I love those kinds of peppers by the way! My father grows them every year.