Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Decluttering, Knitting & Crocheting

What do you do when your mind feels overwhelmed with all there is to do and to think of? I make lists, I declutter, and I knit and crochet. That's what I did on Sunday and yesterday.

After making lists of what I was going to cook this week, scheduling a couple of blog posts, and coming up with a general to do list, I started in on the kitchen. It wasn't bad at all, just enough to make me feel I didn't have enough clear space.

Here is the counter above the sink before
and after (so much better!),
the area next to the sink,

the main kitchen counter that tends to become a catchall for anything and everything,

and the top of the microwave (please ignore fingerprints...).

It's not so much about the outward clarity but about the process of physically putting things away, organizing, regrouping and cleaning that somehow allows me to do the same mentally. Do you experience that, too?

Knitting and crocheting does the same for me. The rhythm of moving the needles allows me to think and process. So, with all the mental organizing I was doing, I got into knitting dish cloths (something I hadn't heard of before) and
finished another pair of very sunny potholders.
These red and turquoise beauties had been done for awhile, but I decided to add a dishcloth to them as well. You can find all of them in my Etsy shop.
I still haven't made it back into my studio, but that's alright. I'll get there when I have the peace of mind to sit down and create. In the meantime, I am working on two scarves, yet another dishcloth and am continuing to organize around the house. All in all, a pretty good couple of days!


  1. I had a big clearout on Sunday when I got back from my brothers wedding, I rearranged some furniture too and it made me feel much better!!

    Micki x

  2. Hallo Silke, ich habe so gut wie nichts, was ich nicht brauche. Entrümpeln, Sortieren und Aussortieren mache ich regelmäßig und radikal. Ich bin froh, dass ich nicht an den Dingen hänge. Eine Ausnahme gibt es: ich habe mehr Wolle, als ich zur Zeit immer verarbeiten kann... die Spül- und Topflappen sind sehr schön geworden! Liebe Grüße, Verena

  3. Du warst fleißig,
    deine Topf- und Spüllappen gefallen mir sehr gut
    ich bin auch noch welche am häkeln.

  4. I've been starting to feel a spring cleaning coming on. I am not just in the mood to declutter -- I am in the mood to really let go of some possessions. It's interesting how our inner emotions can manifest in these outward changes. Good for you for doing just what you needed to do!

  5. I agree, Silke, decluttering is much more than a physical organizing of the space we live in, but it's also symbolic.

    I have a small space and with my crafts it's easy to get "burried", but when I do have everything put away, it does seem like I can breathe better - untill I"m looking for a certain color yarn and then I'm rearranging boxes and containers again - he, he, he!

    Have a wonderful day :-)
    p.s. I have zwei kleine Deutsche Gedichte auf meinen Poetic Monday post von Gestern die ich sehr witzig finde!

  6. Yay such beauties Silke..they are all so pretty! yes i totally agree..shifting the space creates an internal shift too..and also can realign the energy and atmosphere and bring clarity on all levels! I find housework a great meditative workout..a magical way to sort through the inner world..mold it into expression and realign..and attune to new energy!the inner and outer space! so yes i agree!
    Wonderful post! and it all looks great!

  7. I can tolerate *stuff* (notice I did not use the word JUNK! LOL!!) for a certain amount of time. Then it's like a get bit by a bug, because I want it all gone and clear! Which never happens of course.... Your house is a delight to see; tidy even when you think it is messy.
    DH and I do not agree on what the kitchen island/table is for---I like a vase of flowers and candles on the island and think the table should be used for eating. However he finds it a perfect *piling* point and we do have the occasional SPAT about that......men....LOL!
    Have a good one!


  8. YES --- I feel so much more relaxed in a clutter-free environment! The removal of cobwebs in my house helps to remove those in my mind and I can think more clearly.

    I hope to take up knitting some day as I think it is a stress-relieving rather than stress-producing activity. In the meantime, I am still trying to find that inner artist.

  9. Love your before and after pictures it inspires me. Today I am going after the refrigerator. It is what I clean when I feel like I need to organize my head.

  10. I started in my art room and literally made room. It really does affect the way I feel. Now I need to organize the jewelry work space...

  11. OMG, you put me to shame. I have been trying to keep my hubby's clutter off the dining table, but to no avail. I clean it off and the next thing you know, the clutter has returned...does this stuff give birth or what??? As for my studio, well, let's not even go there, but I'm slowly realizing that I may be a participant in those hoarding programs on tv, but just my studio, every place else is organized stuff.

    I noticed you had a tangine...do you like it? Would love to get one.


  12. I love organizing too, but my favorite mindless activity for calming down is pulling weeds. Oh, and watering with a watering can. Every time I see that branch with your fabric runner I swoon. Best idea ever. It truly reflects the artful life you live. **kisskiss** Deb

  13. Clutter collects more clutter, and I get very overwhelmed when it reaches an apex! Though I am the only one in the house who tries to do anything about it (a hubs and 3 boys- forget it!). I love the fresh feeling of organization. Good for you :D

  14. Oh yes, something I have to do. Declutter. Yep, my houses gets very cluttered and it's only the two of us. Okay, I will go in the kitchen ad declutter a little. Thanks for sharing and giving me the incentive to "declutter." :) Take care.

  15. Thanks so much for your sweet comments.....
    I am the same way; I get to feeling everything is too cluttered and I have to clean things out...it's like the mood hits and it's time....
    Being a knitter myself, I love all your knitting projects.......I am working on a vest right now and hope to finish it before I leave St. Simons....

  16. In LOVE with your bookcase wall! Some day, some day :)

  17. Yes, yes, yes! Decluttering helps me clear the mind as well. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to do it. Why bother, when the kids come come and clutter it up all over again. sigh

    You're potholder and dishcloths look great!

  18. Yup... I can relate!! I started working on my closet the other day. Lots to do but I've made a little progress! Your kitchen looks great!!

  19. Oh, Silke, könnte ich das doch auch. Aber wegschmeißen...täte das mein Liebster nicht ab und an bei uns, da mag ich nicht drüber nachdenken. Wenn ich nicht richtig denken kann, schnappe ich mir einen Krimi - derzeit Arne Dahl - und ab bin ich im Krimiland:-)

    LG Stefanie

  20. OMG Silke, this is the perfect post for me to read today! I've been overwhelmed with working too much so my place AND my mind are all cluttered. I definitely need to find time to declutter. When I do art I feel focused and calm, like your knitting & crocheting. Love your potholders!

  21. YES! You honor Hestia and you make her happy. She will live in your home. I love de-cluttering and like Bella I am lazy, lazier than her as a matter of fact. But I love books. I love to be surrounded by them even if they look cluttered. Do you know that I had a de-cluttering post once and guess who came to visit my blog? Kaitlin Flanagan! I have too many dishes. I would not say that before but now I will.

  22. haha this is so fun silke, i love your post and all the comments too. i am exactly like you, i need to have order, lots of order! to sit down and create. it is much easier for me now that all my children have moved out (well, last one is going in august).
    however, i still work full time and that sure gets in the way of all the projects at home i'd like to get to...i make lists too and then get antsy, because i can't get to them!
    someday... :)
    everything looks beautiful!
    ♥ lori

  23. Oh my friend! crocheting has helped me clear the mind clutter! See you in the Flying Lessons e-course. -Robin

  24. I so wish I had the time to reorganize every room of my house...why isn't there 48 hours in the day? Everything looks so wonderfully neat I adore your potholders so much - that yellow is such a perfect color for a kitchen! Theresa :)