Sunday, May 16, 2010

Savannah Wildlife Refuge (Part 1)

I was hoping I'd have more art to show you, but I haven't had any time in my studio lately!
Yesterday morning, however, we decided to get up early and head out to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge, which used to be an old rice plantation. And are we glad we went as we found out that it's going to be closed from June 1 through the end of the year for road repair.
While there, we saw beautiful spider lilies, pretty purple flowers,
and hundreds of iridescent dragon flies.
I was looking for a very noisy woodpecker in one of the many big trees, but couldn't find it.
Instead we saw several of these stunning Purple Gallinules in the reeds
and amidst thousands of blooming water lilies.
And then we came to our favorite little pond complete with cypress trees, Spanish moss, rotting logs, and...
some very exciting wildlife!
Come back tomorrow to see what all we saw! Happy Sunday, everyone!!


  1. Happy Sunday, Silke! Thanks for the tour of the lovely wildlife refuge.

  2. I'm sleepily looking at my favorite blogs, and was very happy to stumble into yours this morning. Your beautiful pictures are just what I need to wake up!

  3. Oh, what a fun post! I love to go exploring! I do love the wildlife in Georgia, especially the birds. I'm glad you went too because there's just nothing better than to go outside and admire God's beautiful work! He's the master of all Arts! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you had a good time.

    p.s. I learned to really appreciate dragonflies since moving here. Even though I've always enjoyed them, I really appreciate them now for the mosquito eating qualities ;-)

  4. Wow, I am always amazed at how colourful the birds in America are! Looks like you had a wonderful excursion!

  5. ooOOOOOoooo I came to see your new cup and got a lovely treat! The color of the bird is incredible. He must be an ornamental type! I had lily pads in my pond for a bit...they even flowered. But then the koi ate them! **happy Sunday** Deb

  6. I love your new cup. Thank you for the best wishes. I love the nature trip and I could not blow up the exciting wildlife but is that an alligator's snout?

  7. Gorgeous adventure..yay!! I love when you take us all along... weee! Beautifully stunning photos!
    have a magical night!

  8. How beautiful is Savannah, I love the photos you have made of it.

  9. Lovely photos - and love the one of you! We love wild life refuges - we often visit the one at Cape Canaveral - not far from our Florida beach home. Can't wait to see more photos of your day~~~


  10. Wow, look at that Purple Gallinule! I've never seen one before. And those spider lilies sure are spidery! I had to laugh at the turtle sunning himself. I remember going to a pond and seeing tens of turtles all happily sunning themselves. No wonder they are so wrinkled!

  11. Those are awesome. I love flowers so much. Love the turtle on the log too. It's all so lovely!

  12. Hi Silke!

    Looks like a lovely day! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us.


  13. did i see an alligator??
    what a beautiful place, i had so much fun going with you silke. the day sounded perfect, just the kind of day we love too.

  14. How beautiful! I love dragonflies SO much! And I've never seen spider lilies before. Gorgeous! Theresa

  15. SO beautiful! What an amazing place to live. I love the Purple Gallinules!!