Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Painting

A little while ago, we decided to move my computer cabinet upstairs into my little studio, which was one of two guest rooms before I moved in. It's a room that still needs to be painted, but for now it's cozy (love all the books around the built-in bed) and serves me well.
However, I hadn't gotten around to organizing the computer cabinet and slowly but surely clutter took over, making my creative space seem smaller and smaller.
So, this week, I took one morning and organized. I am proud to say that I didn't merely close the doors to the cabinet (I have to admit that I was tempted...), but that I organized and filed every piece of paper. Yeah!! Done!
I also cleaned my little art space,
all the while being supervised by one very lazy kitty.
After that I finally felt like painting again, and she was the result!
Those Eyes
4 x 6 inch acrylic painting on Strathmore Acrylic Paper

She's bold, she's colorful, she's heavily textured (molding paste) and she's thoughtful. I love her blue-green eyes and the general energy of the piece. You can find her in my little Etsy shop.

It seems from all your comments on my last decluttering post that I am not alone in my need to organize outwardly in order to feel at peace inwardly. This time, too, it helped. I feel much calmer than I did last week AND I've started painting again. I like that. A lot.


  1. I love your creative space, Silke, and I'm sure the energy feels even more vibrant after your de-clutter. I've also been busy reducing and recycling, and it's such a liberating feeling. `Those Eyes' ~ she's lovely! I wonder what she's thinking. Bright wishes, dear one. xx
    PS ... Yes, I'm still playing in the wispy quantum field! Catch you there. :)

  2. Hi Silke,
    There is nothing like a good Spring clean!;)
    I love your creative nest. I wish I had one...
    I'm moving house soon so maybe I will have a small studio space too.:)
    Your cat is wonderful!
    Cats seem to know how to really enjoy life in a layed back kind of way.;D
    Your new lady painting looks fresh and she does have very striking eyes. Lovely work as always.

    All Best Wishes.

  3. Oh yes I do love a good clearout and even if your not throwing things away it's still good to re think and re order things sometimes too!!

    I am in chaos today as the hubby and father in law are wallpapering the front room, I will be happy when it's done though ;0)

    Love your latest painting too, I adore the molding paste texture!!

    Micki x

  4. I am in love with your little studio Silke!! OMG, it's adorable! I think I'm going to do something with my spare bedroom too. I can keep the majority of things in the basement still, but a nice, bright little workspace upstairs would be awesome! You've inspired me, thank you!
    Love your newest girl too! You rock!

  5. She is wonderful...and I started cleaning out this week.I'm posting about it tomorrow. I started in the kitchen...the room we seem to spend the most time in. What a difference! I'm not done with it yet, but I made some up.....not sure!

    Your space looks awesome!

  6. You know, I love NEAT but my work space is always LOGICALLY CLUTTERED, Stacks and piles but there is a science to it. I don't know if I will ever achieve a tidy environment. We have bookshelves everywhere in this house including the bedrooms but we still have books on the floor. I envy your space. I will be over the moon just because it is a space to call one's own, a refuge, a cloister and place for renewal. It must be wonderful. I never have such a place, not since growing up in a large family, therefore I have learned to seek refuge and define boundaries within my mind. Have a great day Silke. Create and be happy!

  7. Silke - you have a wonderful space in which to create. Love the pictures. You should be proud of your efforts - ifyouare like me though - it will be back in chaos in about 2 weeks!


  8. Very nice creative space you have there. I converted my dining area into "my space" for creativity since I don't have dinners.

    I was thinking of making my bedroom my studio since I don't even sleep in the bed....

    Nice painting, Silke, good colors and texture too. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm sure you will :-) We've been having summer like weather.

  9. Silke - I did not realize that you were a knitter also! Your etsy shop is just beautiful with all the colors and textures of those wonderful yarns! A woman after my own heart! (Now - I love you even more~~~!)


  10. when i saw her, the first word that came to my mind was TEXTURE! and that is quite a fashionable haircut; plus it pulsates with energy.

    your room is lovely. the skylight must be its own inspiration. i have my own room too. i long for it to be organized and tidy. only once did i achieve that, wanting to ready it and impress my out-of-town best friend. the one exception are my books. my books are orderly.

    nice to see you painting, silke. my weekend is gardening and writing, caring for stella (doing better), visiting my mom, gardening some more. the tomatoes go in today.

    jeez, i'm writing a book here. oh i forgot--this is not my journal, this is your blog!!!

    eat, pray, love, silke.


  11. I think Ces said it well....I love the organization but I am completely logically unorganized. Once I move my piles, I never know where to find anything.
    Your workspace is beautiful and I would be snoozing on that lovely bed with the lazy kitty in no time flat! LOL!!! It is probably a good thing there is no room even for a cot out here......although I have often wished for one!
    Lovely work! HAve a good weekend!


  12. Your little space is wonderful a cozy little nook for creating and a place to call your own. I love it. I wonder how long it will stay nice and neat? It is hard to create and not get messy! Love the new creation that came out of your space.

  13. She's beautiful Silke! She looks pensive. I would dearly love my own creative space, right not it's the kitchen table. Wishing a happy weekend. :)

  14. oh beautiful Silke!!! wonderful work and a great place to create!!! and I love your profile pic...we can share coffee together!!!


  15. What a great space! When you feel like you're going down that disorganized road again, just let me know so I can send you a pic of my studio, then you won't feel so guilty and frustrated!! LOL

    Have a great weekend.


  16. Oh my, the lighting in your studio must be great for working. I love the coziness of the room, the books. I am actually going to take the doors OFF my sewing cabinet, for I am making fabuloso covers for my sewing machine and serger, and I love seeing aged fabric stacked up on the shelves. However, I will NOT be posting a before shot...too embarrassing after not sewing for years! Can we say "catch-all"? And your lady, she is ever so lovely and patriotic, but in a more modern way. Again, you inspire me Oh Beautiful One. **happy smiles** Deb

  17. Hello, dear Silke!
    I really love your studio - such a wonderful room! The built-in bed and skylight make it doubly cozy.

    Your new painting is gorgeous. I love the look in her eyes!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Alles, alles Gute,
    Bis bald,
    Hugs and love,

  18. I love the warmth of your studio, and it looks very spacious! You'd be mortified if you saw how small mine is! LOL I love your new painting - such vivid colors. It's great to see a new work from you. Enjoy your weekend. Theresa :)

  19. Dear Silke! I like your studio, and how you have organized...thats true, when you clean and put something in order you are, after that, more calm and happy. I love the painting too, very colorful! Love,

  20. what a charming studio...and a wonderful result :) Lovely painting!

  21. It really does make one feel calmer and less burdened to organize, declutter and edit the surroundings. Your space looks lovely and certainly is conducive to producing beautiful pieces of artwork!!!!

  22. just want to say good morning, ive no idea what time it is now there.


  23. AAAHHH! She is beautiful! I love that color combination. And her eyes are GORGEOUS!

    Your studio is fantastic fantastic fantastic! The green is very soothing, and the skylight makes it so very cheerful. I even love that slated roof! You did an amazing clean up job! But even cluttered, it is still a wonderful creative space.

    Do NOT open my cabinets!

  24. What a beautiful space, when you get tired you can just lay down and read yourself to sleep! I love all your paintings lady. I take forever to get one done and need to move a little quicker, stop the self doubt!

  25. Girlfriend, you did an amazing job...your room is great and looks like the perfect place to paint...
    I was sad leaving St. Simons and I thought of you again as we drove through Savannah...sometime we are just going to have to meet on one of my trips through your georgeous city....

  26. So fun to see your space! (And huh-huh-huh, I'm panting getting allll the waaaay down to the bottom of your many comments!) Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me, to declutter, that is. And all that in only one morning?! My goodness, girl!

  27. Your studio space is so colorful and organized. And how convenient that you have your little built-in bed right there in case you need to, you know, lie down and get inspired! ☺