Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Sketch

Yesterday, I had a tiny bit of time to paint, so I took a 5 x 7 piece of acrylic paper, which I had previously prepared with some collage papers and some tissue paper, and painted this 15-minute sketch with very thin acrylic washes.

It's really interesting working that fast. No over-working, and no over-thinking, and no going back to change anything. I liked it so much I did another sketch right away. I'll show you that one on Thursday.

Hope you are all doing well! And thank you so much on all your comments on my last couple of posts! You warm my heart every day!!!


  1. Hi Silke,
    I hope you are well?
    Your painting is really great, I like the new textures and colours you are working with at the moment... It is lovely to see your work evolving and moving forward so beautifully.:)
    Sorry it has taken me a while to visit you. I am just getting back on track with visiting everyone, after my cold and work load.
    Really good to see you again, sweetie!:)

  2. I like the art you do fast the best, I think. They're so intuitive. In this one, I love the way her face is not perfectly demarcated. It's good to live outside the lines! ☺ (Also love the colors and textures.)

  3. Hi Silke, the painting is lovely! The texture and different colored layers are so very nice. :) Glad to hear you are busy and well! Theresa

  4. To be quite frank, I believe this may be my favorite of your creations! I would have never guessed that it was one of the quickest.
    I love the colors.
    p.s. thank you for your kind note, I always love hearing from you, and appreciate our bloggy friendship! :)

  5. As you say, it's often so revealing to work quickly and not over-think. You've done brilliantly, again !

  6. I love this Silke! The size, the speed, what happens during limitations......you are doing some excellent exercises that are producing the most visually interestng art!
    I will come check back to stare more later---have PT and need to get human so as not to scare off the therapist! LOL!!!
    Keep it up! I love seeing your work! ♥♥♥


  7. Another incredible painting. I can't believe that you are able to create such fascinating artwork in only 15 minutes, amazing. I have really enjoyed your recent paintings, the characters are so powerful...in an emotional sense.

  8. I love this one! Your texture is getting richer and more complex. I love to witness the transformation. So many layers! I like that you painted another one. These are not sketches. These are paintings. Where are you? I miss you!!!

  9. Silke my comments keep getting eaten by blogger! Arrgh! I will be back.

  10. I think blogger is playing mind games with me. There it is! Sorry about the repetitions. Oh well, I miss you anyway.

  11. Hi sweet friend,
    I so love when you uses this tecnick,
    must be because of my facination of mixed media, it is a fantastic result every time, Silke, and I love all the hidden things (thoughts) in her face,
    Love ,Dorthe

  12. wow the texture is really excellent, i like it a lot!! how do you do that???

    i hope you're doing well too, Silke!
    much love,

  13. I really like what you are doing with texture.
    This is unique and can't believe it was a fast one....I love checking your blog... so interesting and informative....
    Hugs and Blessings,

  14. Silke.... I think this is one of my favorites! Do you suppose maybe we think too much into our paintings when we take a long time to work on them? This one is perfect with its colors and layers. And to think you did it quickly. (:
    ♥ audrey

  15. very cool, you are really developing a style and i love it!

  16. dear silke,
    i've just caught up with you and wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your perspective painting, so dreamy and lovely like always! and your cookbook post! that made me laugh and sigh also, i know just what you mean. i have handwritten recipes from both my grandmothers that i cherish, and yes, there are some family favorites there. but no, i don't think you have a problem with collecting those books!
    this painting is one of my favorites, i don't know how to review it like the artists here, but it is wonderful to look at, i like everything about it!
    have a lovely tuesday,
    lori ♥

  17. Again I love these when you use the textured backgrounds, I see so many hidden things in it. Just beautiful. And a great way to spend 15 minutes.

  18. Another amazing piece. I love when your art comes from deep inside!

  19. you are so inspiring Silke!

    i truly admire the way you create...no over-working and no-over thinking...i REALLY struggle with that!

    what's the secret?!?!?

    sending love

  20. Great "sketch" Silke and most awesome cookbook post. How very special!

  21. Silke, this is totally beautiful. No matter what you create, their is an inner souls of beauty that shine out. I know this is you. You are so pure and a beautiful spirit!



  22. Hi Silke! I was missing you but I don't know why I couldn't send you a comment, and also I have been busy this days...I love the way you do things, your paintings are very expresive and this one I like very much the colors and texture; what I love most is your spirit of not thinking to much and to like your own art.
    I am glad to write to you again.

  23. Hey Silke,

    I like when you use these background pieces. it adds a lot of dimension to your work.

  24. you are on a roll Silke - this one and the one you posted Sunday are incredible.

  25. That is really amazing! I do not think I could ever draw faces though, and I'm just starting with painting things here and there. My grandmother started painting in her 40's, she's in her 90's now, still paints, and sells them! I guess you're never too "young" to learn something new!

  26. Thank you all, for your encouraging comments! I'm having fun with these and it's an added bonus that you like them, too!! Love, Silke

  27. I love the paintings you do on top of the collaged papers and I'm very impressed by what you did in 15 minutes.

  28. So wise, so island Gaugin! You are really on fire with these great colors! Blessings.

  29. You are a beautiful little bundle of creativeness. You just ooze of peace and all things lovely. ♥ Deb