Monday, March 8, 2010

The Best Medicine...

Rhubarb, but not plain.
In a pie!
How do you like Daniel's sail boat design?!
I can feel my cold getting better already....


  1. Wow that is the most awesome looking pie ever!!
    I love rhubarb, but usually have it in a crumble not a pie, I might do it in a pie for a change and see if I like it ;)

    I too am sat here with a stinking cold so I could use some rhubarb did you add ginger too? awesome for colds!!

    Micki x

  2. m dying1 I have been up all night. I did not even take a nap. So it was very quiet. There were no problems and I had all this time so what did I do? I learned German!

    Ja studierte ich Deutsches und jetzt denke ich, ich vertraulich sagen kann, dass ich Deutsches sprechen kann. Gutenmorgen Silke!

  3. The first word should be "I'm". That was the compromise. I will learn German but make mistakes typing English words.

  4. Liebe Silke,
    wunderschöne Fotos, ein wunderbares Rezept und ein originelles Design: einfach perfekt!!
    Weiterhin gute Besserung,

  5. My stomach is rumbling now! That looks very delicious and pretty!I´m going to lunch now and thinking of your pie ;) Love, Annika

  6. You already have rhubarb?! Well, the pie looks delicous and tastes delicious too, I am sure!

  7. This looks so tastefull... I did not eat rhubarb for so long time...

  8. Hi Silke, boy that pie looks so good! I love rhubarb pie! Oh, tell Daniel he did a great job on the sailboat to! Hope you have a wonderful day and so good t hear that you're feeling better!

  9. I'm coming to your hpuse for dessert!
    SOON!!! ;)
    I have not had rhubarb pie in....oh.....ages as DH *thinks* he doesn't like it....
    Lovely crust.


  10. Our family LOVES rhubarb pie! There is something about its tart/sweet juices with the flaky pastry, that cannot be matched. Do you have rhubarb in your garden? Truly one of the delights of Spring. But don't eat too much or you'll be sorry!

  11. I haven't had much rhubarb pie in my life, but yours sure looks yummy! Hope it has you feeling better soon!

  12. Looks super beautiful!Enjoy!

  13. you are doing it again ..posting food that makes me drool

  14. RHUBARB!!!!! The BEST pie in the whole world!!!

  15. Oh are you kidding me! A sailboat on the pie!! Toooooo much talent in one house! I love rhubarb pie. My grandmother used to make it when I was little. YUMMMMMM. Feel better soon Oh Beautiful One. **blows kisses** Deb

  16. CUTE pie! How nice that he made a sailboat - and waves! :) Home-baked yummies should make you feel better in no time. :) Theresa

  17. I love the sail boat-that is how my husband and I met sailing. And I love rhubard pie glad you are feeling better.

  18. Oh, I can't even remember when was the last time I had rhubarb pie. I know that my Oma made it quite often, but surely it hasn't been that long! The sail boat design is quite cute!

  19. Your pie looks scrumptious. I love the Silke Daniel teamwork, amazing artistry!

  20. How fantastic! i've never seen a sailboat on a pie before, it looks perfect!
    I'm hoping it does make you feel better Silke, colds are no fun. I'm thinking i might be making a rubarb pie myself soon, i feel a cold coming on!
    get well!

  21. Looks delicious, Silke. Hope you're feeling better. xx

  22. You have joined the Rhubarbolution!

    I love rhubarb but I have never heard that it had any medicinal powers. How intriguing!
    That looks like a gorgeous and delicious pie! Daniel is quite the pie artist!

    It is a long time yet before rhubarb will be ready for picking here but your post makes me anxiously await it!

    My favourite rhubarb recipe is on my old "Rhubarbolution" post (linked to my name here). (The Frequently Requested) Rhubarb Mooncake.

  23. Rhubarb of my favorites. I like the design.:)

  24. mmmmmm my favourite! i remember eating when i was a kid; raw with no sugar...and my mouth waters thinking about it! i adore rhubarb pie or rhubarb in anything actually! yummy.

  25. Silke this pie looks awesome! Save me some, I love it!
    Thank goodness you are picking up a little.
    Hope you feel back to normal in no time.
    Think it is the sun day we are having changing the flu bug again. Nice day, then we catch a cold, oh Poof!
    We should be well covered by the end of this winter for four years to come,lol!

    Here's hopin anyway.



  26. Hi Silke. I have never eaten rhubarb pie. The first time I heard about it was on a Martha Stewart show. Your's looks delicious. I do need to try that one of these day. Have a great Wednesday.

  27. What an artistic pie! I love rhubarb too - best cooked with a little grated orange rind and some juice and a crumble topping! Also good cold. Hope you're feeling better soon.x