Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Yes, this is me ... off the couch and out and about on Pinckney Island. I was feeling better, so I put on my happy socks (actually they are Daniel's happy socks, but I borrowed them) and off we drove...
to see wide vistas,

beautiful texture and color,

amazing swampy reflections,

cypress knees,
giant thistles,
blooming snow drops,
ramps (wild leek),
striking bare trees among beautiful green ones,

graceful birds,

and, of course, several big alligators (click on the pictures below if you have trouble seeing them). In this first picture look straight underneath the white bird.

The one below was the biggest we had ever seen. He slid into the water and swam off before I could snap a picture of him on land.
He was looking for a new spot to soak up some warmth, far away from bothersome people.
And yes, we survived and had fun!
I continue to feel better, which I am so grateful for! And while Daniel still is on break, we are out and about enjoying the sunshine and temperatures in the 70's!! Spring has finally arrived in date as well as in our weather...

And next week, when Daniel's break is over, I will get back to my art...


  1. Hi Silke, so glad you are feeling better - I love visiting your blog because you always have so many lovely photos to show from all these gorgeous places you visit - they look amazing!!!

    Enjoy your break !!!!

  2. Lovely to see you out and about, Silke. Fabulous photos and so good to find you enjoying nature's healing embrace. xx

  3. What a beautiful place! Great photos... (The socks are just perfect:)) It looks you had a great time. I´m happy with you.

  4. It looks like a very beautiful spot Sike, I'm glad you two had a good time. Go ahead and pull up a few of those ramps and send them my way will you...just kidding. I just recieved a package of ramp bulbs that I ordered..and yours grow wild.

    I love your water reflection pictures and always try to take some myself when we are out and about.

  5. Silke, you are beautiful, and so are the pictures!

  6. so glad to hear you are recovering!!! the view away from the couch is just beautiful!

  7. Great pictures and glad you are feeling better. Looks like you had a great time and how nice that you took all those photos and shared with us this natural beauty. Never mind the alligators. :D You and your Daniel looks so happy and I'm happy for you. Have a great weekend.

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better and enjoying part of Daniels break, that is an adorable picture of the two of you- you make a cute couple.

  9. Hi Silke, it's so good to see you out and about again! I'm so happy that you're feeling better!
    Just beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing them. It looks like you and Daniel had a wonderful time! Great picture of the two of you.
    Happy 1st Day of Spring and I hope that you have a weekend filled with beauty and love!
    Hugs and much love...

  10. What a wonderful trip through an amazing portion of nature! Every photo was exceptional, and I can't get over the huge clumps of snowdrops!
    Glad the two of you had some get-away time and together-time! :)


  11. Awesome photos, Silke!! What is ramp? Could it be Bärlauch? Although that has broader leaves. Really wild leeks?

  12. Oh how exciting! I am SO glad to hear your up and off the couch finally, sometimes those bugs just take forever to get out of our systems!
    Your adventure looks exactly like something Chuck and I would love to do. The alligators are cool, i've only seen their cousins, the Nile Crocodile.

    Lovely photo of you and Daniel!

  13. wonderful photos! you always take us with you, don't you? i sure enjoy seeing all the beauty you get to experience.
    glad you are feeling better dear!

  14. What gorgeous photos! You look quite well and thank goodness for that. The photo of you and Daniel is just precious. :) I love going to wildlife refuges. That giant thistle is just absolutely amazing. Here's to your good health and happy first day of spring! Theresa

  15. those alligators look too close for my comfort ;)

    lovely photos and a great way to spend time.

    thanks for sharing.

    best wishes

  16. YAY, you are up and about! into the land of....EEK, GATORS! Whew, I'm glad you both came out intact. You're both too good looking for such a horrible fate. And now you can head back home to enjoy more of that jewel toned coleslaw. Yummm!

  17. The best part of this post is just to know you are feeling better Silke!

  18. I can't seem to comment. Hope this goes through. At times when I come my "cookies" get disabled. Not sure what happens. Oh well, here we go again. Just adore the captures of the wildlife and I thank-you for showing us such wonder. I am so very glad to know that you are having a fun time and I actually got to read the post whereas this a.m. when I stopped by, I got pulled away(mommyhood);) This is so dear to see. Thanks so much for the love-filled comments and sweet words on my post. You are a treasure to be sure. Blessings friend.

  19. I am so glad to see you smiling and standing!!!

  20. silke, a couple of days ago i did a post called blue.

    here you've done a post called green!

    the tones and textures are so outstanding and varied. it's good to see you upright and you and daniel together. by the way, i think daniel has the perfect name. everytime you mention it i think that. :)


  21. Hi dear,
    what a joyable tour,to take here on your blog,-a tour I could only dream of, and will never be on for real.So fantastic photoes, and a fantastic nature, that it must be wild to be able to experience.
    Thanks so much dear Silke, for inviting me on this gorgeus trip.
    Love ;Dorthe