Friday, March 5, 2010

Almost Food Friday

Well, it's not exactly food I am writing about today, but it still has something to do with the kitchen. In the last issue of my favorite German magazine "Die Landlust," were instructions on how to crochet these old fashioned pot holders. I thought they were cute and it was an easy pattern, so I bought some cotton yarn and started on this first one.
As I was crocheting, something strange happened. It was as if my hands had retained memories I didn't otherwise have access to. I suddenly remembered that I crocheted pot holders like that when I was young.

I'm thinking that my grandmother taught me because suddenly I remembered that she had made a pair with blue and white stripes and another with red and white stripes in this pattern that we had in our kitchen for many years.
So, of course, my next pot holder had to be striped - blue and yellow for our kitchen - in honor of my grandma.
I find it so fascinating where some of our memories are stored. Something similar happens when I sit down at the piano - my fingers remember much more of the old music I used to play than my mind does.

Have you had experiences like that?


  1. Liebe Silke, die Topflappen sind wunderschön geworden!! Du weißt, ich habe die gleiche Anleitung, das Garn ist besorgt, ich muss nur noch damit loslegen. Deine Ergebnisse sind sehr motivierend. Die Erinnerungen an deine Oma kann ich gut verstehen - mir geht es beim Sockenstricken so. Sie hat es mir beigebracht. Das sind Erinnerungen, die durch nichts gelöscht werden können, durch die entsprechende Tätigkeit aber umso lebhafter in Erinnerung kommen. Alles Gute, Verena

  2. Sit down at the piano? I wish you'd sit down more at the piano! (I know, I know. We need to get it tuned.)

  3. Die sind toll Silke,
    ich hab' mir auch schon zwei Stück gehäkelt.

  4. My grandmother taught me to crochet.....she had the patience of a saint. I used to do it a lot--haven't in a long time in favor of knitting, but I must adnit, I would crochet these potholders in a heartbeat! They are delightful!
    I think of Granmother with most of my sewing and fiber work....she had a room that had a massive closet full of scraps and always let me have what I wanted to sew. Wonderful memories.
    Yes, our hand DO remember....I think they are linked to the heart....


  5. amazing what memories are stored not only in the mind but in the heart as well!

  6. i love how the mind works...i wonder if we ever really forget??

    i just love the blue and yellow pot holders...such great colors together!

    happy friday and thank you for all the love!

  7. How pretty they are. And how I would hate to get them dirty. Great story. I feel like that when I garden and smell the earth. I remember planting w/ my mom when I was little.

  8. I love that pattern. You are the Queen of Crochet. But you look more like a Princess. Songs do that for me, take me back to another time. The scent of petunias takes me to being a child in New Jersey, at my Polish grandparents home. Wishing you a lovely weekend. **blows kisses** Deb

  9. Beautiful work, Silke. I wish I knew how to crochet. My fingers just can't get the knack of it. I love the pretty yellow, and the striped one in honor of your grandma is so pretty as well. Have a great weekend! Theresa

  10. Ich liebe diese Topflappenk, Silke...those are the exact ones I learned to crochet in school as a child growing up in Deutschland.

    I'm still amazed at how much they taught us in those days - I learned to knit, crochet, sew, cross stitch, needlepoint, cooking...amazing what they could cram into only 8 years - (sigh!) those were the days!

    Did you know that March is National Crochet Month?

    Yes, the body remembers -

  11. Beautiful post! And yes I so is amazing how such things can conjure up memory of the heart...and beautiful feelings! Very touching post! And such beautiful treasures you create! Have a happy day!

  12. Just like riding a bicycle!!
    Lovely craftwork, Silke-

    Have a great weekend
    E xx

  13. I love that Daniel reads your blog and makes those cute little comments. Have a great week-end.

  14. Amazing what will trigger a memory. I love the story you shared! Love the potholders too.

  15. Oh, that does bring back memories! I can remember someone, either my Oma or Tante had some like that. It seems like such a simple potholder to crochet. I learned a lot of those things in school in Germany. What a wonderful thing for you to look back on, and that you can remember the colors!! I can't remember my Oma's kitchen colors, just that it was super clean!

  16. I love those colors. Great work Silke. Yes memories because after all, that is all we have. Have a great weekend.

  17. Hello Silke, how are you honey? I have so much to say but right now I just want to say hello. My big project starts tomorrow and I am starting to cough - crud! I can't get sick. Do you catch cold over the blogs? No! Just enthusiasm. Take care sweet.

  18. Silke, I love crochet. It is difficult to choose which is the most enjoyable out of the two. You have such neat skills. My hubby as been knitting for days now, trying to master it.
    He is hoping to put his designs on the plain part and stitch them in. His art would take up to much room on a canvas. So his thinking with knitting, it can be rolled up. Cool! I hope his new desire will keep going. I haven't seen him this creative for quite a few years.

    I love that you are placing many faces in your art. Loving the textures also.
    You are developing so much. Amazing to see them.

    Hope you are having a brilliant weekend!