Sunday, March 7, 2010


Look what we found! A tiny pair of Carolina Wrens is building a nest in our hanging fern basket, right on our front porch. They are a joy to watch as they construct a perfect little cave. A sure sign of spring - nesting!

And that's what I'm doing with my cold - staying in my own little nest and slowly I am starting to feel better.

I hope you are all doing well and look forward to visiting your blogs again soon! I sure miss you!!


  1. Der Schnee von gestern ist fast verschwunden, die Sonne scheint, allerdings ist es ziemlich kalt (Minusgrade). Aber du siehst, der Frühling lässt sich nicht mehr aufhalten. Dir gute Besserung und ich bin auf dein neues Werk (ich sehe 3 Frauen?) gespannt. Alles Liebe, Inge

  2. The wrens will be such a delight to watch with their young ones!
    I sure hope you get over your cold soon; they are soooo miserable at this time of year.
    Take care, hunker down, and dream of wonderful paintings waiting to come to life!


  3. Love the nest - that will be so fantastic to watch, when they start to feed their young. Our birds are still just trying to find enough food. We had several inches of snow yesterday and the temps have dropped, so this will stay awhile.
    Get well soon!

  4. Oh Silke, I have missed so many posts this past's nice to catch up.
    LOVE your pot holders...they're great.
    Wordless Wednesday's flower was and is gorgeous.
    Your Collage sketches are much expression.
    I hope you feel better soon...even colds can drain you of energy!
    HUGS...have a great Sunday!

  5. Miss you, too, Silke! What a gorgeous little nest. I can't wait to see all the wonderful photos you'll take of these sweet birdies. :) Hope you feel better soon! Theresa

  6. That's so cool that the wrens have taken up residence on your front porch. Their home is so sweet.
    Feel better soon!!

  7. Oh how sweet.I love seeing that Im sure Spring is just around the corner.Take Care!~~becky

  8. How cute! A pair of wrens building their nest!
    I wish you a fast recovery !

  9. Hi Silke, I do hope that you're feeling better! How sweet is that they're making a nest on your front porch! It'll be so fun to watch them grow. Spring is just another step away! Hope that you have a wonderul day!
    Hugs and much love...

  10. Hi Silke!!!!oh how precious is this!!! I love birds and nests...can't wait for Spring!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  11. I just love it when a the birds bless us by building their nests near enough for us to enjoy!

  12. How sweet! But I hope they are not as aggressive as a Mommy hummingbird once the eggs hatch. My neighbor had humminbird build a nest just outside her front door, and everytime I went to visit, the Mommy hummingbird would dive bomb me! But even that was fun. Feel better soon. **kisskiss** Deb

  13. How wonderful,
    I just love birds! :)

  14. How much fun it will be to get to watch a family of wrens grow up. I hope you are feeling better, drinking lots of tea and getting plenty of rest.

  15. Aaaaw! You got me all excited for the wren(g) reason! I thought you were nesting and laying an egg. Okay gotta go nap for an hour. Tsup!

  16. I love birds and find so much pleasure watching them in the warmer months. I love that you have a nest right at your door - what a special gift. Enjoy and feel better my friend.

  17. feel better soon pretty lady!

  18. Oh beautiful! Glad you're feeling better and it's so cool to see all these little signs of spring in people's blogs.

  19. Oh I do hope your feeling better Silke! there is a virus going around here too, so many people are sick. Stay warm.
    The nest is really exciting, can you see it without disturbing the wrens? I have been watching a pair of finches build a nest too. Do you ever leave out bits of wool for them? It's so much fun to see it end up in the finished nest!
    Oh, and I loved your potholder. I love that story you told and yes i have had similar experiances. It's cool, but strange!

  20. I hope that you are feeling better. I love watching the birds when they are building a nest. The bluebirds are checking out all of the houses we have, mama of course is trying to decide which one she wants! The little ones will be cute to watch later when the little wrens are hatched.

  21. Hallo Silke :-)

    Ja, ich liebe die Voegel auch ... wir haben noch kalte Naechte, aber die Enten am Teich haben schon mal einen Haufen Eier gelegt. Ich glaube aber nicht, dass da was drauss wird.

    Spoke with my mom and dad in Bavaria yesterday - they got a big pile of new snowfall and everything's covered in a fluffy, thick white blanket. I miss it, but they are already fed up with it.

    Enjoy your bird babies ;-)