Monday, June 28, 2010

Show & Tell

1. I don't know why I am suddenly into lists, but I guess that's what I do in my mind when I am trying to keep all my different projects straight.

2. Daniel is almost all better with his knee and is back on track with his blog. He wrote quite the story and added one of his amazing drawings. Click here to check it out and then come back here...

3. Daniel's sister, Patti, has also recently gone public with her very inspiring blog. Simply click here and visit (but come back)!

4. Speaking of blogs, I am starting to really enjoy many more German blogs (written in German) and have made a separate blog list for them on my left side bar. Go check them out! And if there are some you think I need to add, let me know (the same goes for the blogs written in English).

5. I bought some sock yarn the other day and am knitting a scarf with it:

6. On our recent road trip, I read this book and loved it.
Especially since it was set in southern Appalachia and I learned much about the region, in which we were traveling. Plus, it's a great story and so well written!

7. A nice harvest of shallots from our garden. So good!

8. This weekend I finished another painting and will show it to you tomorrow! I have to tweak just one little thing...

Happy Monday, everyone!!


  1. HAPPY MONDAY sweet Silke...I love this post and will return later when I get back from Miss A's School party...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the're SO talented!

  2. Happy Monday! Those shallots look perfect - have never grown them here. The scarf is looking so pretty - I love that color palette! Theresa

  3. I enjoyed reading Daniel's story on his blog that I didn't even know he had. I'm a follower now! His illustrations are wonderful and so is his writing!

    That yarn you purchased for the scarf if so beautiful, Silke! I just love those will look perfect on you!

    That book sounds intruiging, but I have too many others to finish first. I'm good at startig someting and not finishing it, so I'm trying really hard to complete one thing before going off to start yet one more project that I have to struggle with.

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday and a great week,
    Doris ;-)
    Have a wonderful Monday!
    Doris :-)

  4. OOOOooooooooo I am loving the new scarf. I must send you a free template list one the the e-class girls cute-cute. I am on your list waaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom...but Oh Silke, WHY WHY WHY have you not visited my MAD TEA PARTY!?!?!?!?!?! teehee. K. I'm a bit vain. Now you must leave me a 20 line comment. **blows kisses filled with silliness** Deb

  5. Liebe Silke,
    1. toller Post
    2. nette Hinweise
    3. super Schal wird das
    4. freue mich auf dein neues Gemälde
    5. ...
    6. Danke für deine lieben Kommentare
    7. Alles Gute
    8. Grüße an Daniel

  6. Glad all is healing well . . .as for lists, I love lists. Have you come across - quite fun for list writing.


  7. happy monday to you sweets!!!

    glad to hear Daniel is feeling better....i am off to visit his blog after leaving this post for you.

    the color of that scarf is delicious....LOVE IT!!!

    i am going to have to check out that Amelia posted about.


  8. ooooh! this is a mish mash!!!

    i jumped over to daniel's blog and quickly decided i will visit him soon and regularly. please tell him kj appreciates the little boy in him. :)

    look at this new background! i like white, silke, and i have actually been thinking about changing my blog to white. i'm telling you this so you don't think i'm a copy cat (which sometimes i am). i like lists too, esp. mish mash lists.

    i hope all is well in your part of the world today. you can't imagine how happy i am for you!


  9. Happy week, Silke... You sure are earning lots of brownie points. Thank you! I read that book years ago and it's still one of my favorite all-time books - partly because it's such a homage to coyotes - and I find myself thinking of it often.
    And beautiful scarf!
    Ok, off to visit Dan'l and will be back... later!

  10. I love that book too... Barbara is on my favourite authors list.

    I am glad Daniel is well on his way to being mended.


  11. i dont know i just want to wish you a good night.
    you are so very nice to me, all my Grandewitch's friends are very nice to me.


  12. I love the scarf!! Gorgeous color and interesting pattern. I read D's blog last night. Actually, I read both parts of his recent story -- it totally captured my attention. He's a man of many talents that Daniel. I read Barbara Kingsolver years ago when I lived in Mich. but had not heard of this novel. She's a good writer too. ☺

  13. awww, silke.

    you are quite terrific.


  14. Liebe Silke, Danke für Deine netten Kommentare. Tausend Mal hätte ich Dich lieber als Nachbarin, als diese " Dame"
    Liebe Grüße

  15. Lists are fun especially if you can cross out each row as done. But that is a checklist. This one is a fun list. I can understand why you love the German blogs. Maybe a little homesick or just longing for something familiar and beautiful?

    I have changed my blogging ways too. I prefer art blogs. Even if the artist writes, I still want it just as a compliment to the art. Daniel's Pulaski post made my heart race! Oh my goodness. Hahahaha!

    Good morning Silke.
    Oh wait,
    Gutenmorgen, Silke liebling!!!

  16. Hallo zu Ihren deutschen Freunden!

  17. 1. Nice shallots!

    2. As always Daniel's drawings are absolutely amazing, I loved the story too.

    3. I know of a few really great German blogs but I won't list them because you are the one who turned me on to them in the first place.

    4. You two have a wonderful day today.:)

    5. Oh, and I think I right some sort of list almost every day, it helps me get things done.

  18. I am a list person too - I find it much easier to keep everything in order if I have things written down in a list.

    1. Beautiful yarn - that scarf is going to be gorgeous!

    2. Those shallots look fantastic!

  19. Love the scarf Silke - such a beautiful color! Barbara Kingsolver wrote my most favorite book ever - The Poisonwood Bible - have you read it? Oh my gosh - I love that book!

    I am going to check out the blogs of your honey and his sister~~~

    (I think I have a crush on Daniel~~~ - he just looks like such a nice guy!)