Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Trip - Part 5: Food!

Our trip started out with great promise with breakfast at a great diner in Decatur near Atlanta. Obviously, I was convinced that I'd be starving on our camping adventure....
Once we arrived at our campsite in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we started setting up our cozy little tent.
I know it looks like Daniel was doing all the work while I was lounging about, but that's only a little bit true.
Then we set about starting the fire, which took both of us to keep going and to get nice and hot so we could cook our dinner.

This is my favorite part about camping - the foil dinners we cook over the fire! We have made many combinations of these over the years, and this one contained Italian sausage, onion, potatoes and red pepper.
Delicious!! Most delicious!!!
Ok, this looks sort of disgusting, but Daniel swears it was good (I didn't try it) - it was a peach filled with goat cheese and cooked in the fire until gooey.
When we left the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, we stopped in Ashville, North Carolina, a very charming town.
We stopped for lunch at an excellent Cuban restaurant and then drove on to our next camping destination,
Shenandoah National Park. There our campsite was next to an old orchard and forest and we were visited by many deer. Even though we made a camp fire to keep the bugs at bay, that evening we cooked on our little camp stove.
I actually can't remember what we ate, but I am sure it was delicious!
But what I do remember is the most amazing ice cream at the visitor center. There was a sign for "Hand Dipped Blackberry" and I didn't know what it meant. When I asked Daniel, he promptly got in line and got us each an ice cream cone - happy, happy!
Then, in Winchester in Virginia, we found an Italian restaurant, Violino, run by a charming married couple from northern Italy. The food was to die for! I had the most delicious ravioli,
and Daniel (who looks like the cat that ate canary) had strawberry risotto (amazing!) with quail. Of course, we had to have an appetizer first and then dessert and then happily rolled back to the hotel.
The rest of our trip was spent with dear friends and of course eating is a big part of that. First, we enjoyed an excellent meal with a New Mexican flair,
then a most wonderful Lebanese feast,
and lastly, a delicious French meal!
But the best part in all of those were the good friends who shared the meals with us.

And here's to you all!


  1. The vacation was obviously a culinary delight. Strawberry risotto - sounds intriguing. But I just can't believe you didn't try the roasted peach with goat cheese!! LOL

  2. # 1 i believe i have sat in that very cuban restaurant in ashville

    # 2 it is so totally wonderful to look in on how much you and daniel love eachother.

    # 3 tsup!

  3. Für das leibliche Wohl war also bestens gesorgt! Hm, das gibt mir für die heutige Auswahl des Mittagessens genügend Anregungen ...
    Tolle Fotos, Silke!
    Liebe Grüße, Verena

  4. It looks like you had such an wonderful time. Lovely photos :) xx

    And I am sitting here with but coffee, looking at all this wonderful food! My gosh!
    Plus I get to look forward to oatmeal for breakfast...... >:[
    Obviously you two had a wonderful time!
    (love the photo with the neon "EAT" sign!)


  6. I loved this trip post! Made me think that you two should do a travel show one month a year! I'd watch! hee hee. Love the painting!!! You are such a beautiful artist and friend dear one. I am so happy for your blissful trip! Blessings to you both!

  7. So charming Silke, all your photos and commentary, and very delicious looking food. Risotto is one of my favorites (and Ravioli too!).
    If you saw our tent you would not think yours was so small, ours looks like a catapillar!
    Such a fun and happy post, enjoy your weekend sweet Silke and Daniel.
    xo lori

  8. Also das Risotto klingt ja spannend. Und Ihr strahlt so viel Lebensfreude aus - das macht Spaß Euch zu zuschauen. Mehr davon:-) Happy weekend Stefanie

  9. The food is always my favorite part of a trip, thanks so much for sharing and I LOVE the earrings you are wearking;-)
    loves and hugs dear Silke!

  10. What can I say, Silke! You guys just had too much fun for words :-) I'm still intruiged by that strawberry risotto ....mmmmm

  11. Sometimes it is the best part of a trip. Looks like you had some delicious treats to eat. :) And you are right - food is best enjoyed with good company! Theresa

  12. Oh Silke - a woman after my own heart! The food is always the best part of any trip we take. I always say that we eat our way through our vacations. Your pictures are wonderful - and yes, I would definately eat those cheese filled peaches! Silke - you always look so beautiful in your photos~~~


  13. Nothing sexier than a lean woman who can eat like a horse. teehee. Looks like a fabulous trip. Ooops, I just finished Daniel's wine. **kisses** Deb

  14. Wow..such fun ..and I am so hungry right now lol! Beautiful to see your wonderful adventures! yay.,.always a treat to see deer! thanks for sharing your magical advntures!

  15. What a fantastic trip! Mmmmmmm, you sure did not suffer food-wise during your camping trip. Strawberry risotto??????