Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evolution of a Painting

Dare to Be Yourself
8 x 10 inch (25 x 30 cm) Mixed Media Painting on gallery-wrapped Canvas
Available for purchase at Etsy (click here to visit my little store)

Do you remember this painting from it's first two versions? She seemed finished in the first version, but only for a few days.
Then, I added more layers in the background and again called her finished.
But I was keeping the painting in the living room and every time I looked at it, there was something missing.

I kept her pretty and tame and safe, but I really wanted to add more depth. So, here she is after her transformation. She may have been prettier before, but now she feels "herself" to me!
Someone in my family asked me today why I paint women and why only women. I had to honestly say that I don't know. It's pure inspiration and I guess when I'm done with women, I'll know.

For now they fascinate me - so representative of heart, strength, creation, compassion, endurance and courage. If you had told me just two years ago that I'd feel so fulfilled not only painting but painting women, I would have called you crazy. Funny (and good) how life can change, isn't it?

P.S. Daniel and I are watching DVDs (Netflix) from the PBS series "Colonial House," where a group of 21st century people live like a community of 17th century British colonists in the US. It's so interesting! Have any of you seen it? A whole new look at the difficulties of the "simple" life.


  1. Hi Silke, I love the changes you made to the painting. She has a dark and mysterious feel. There is a lot more depth, which adds a lot of interest to the piece. :) I haven't seen the show you're speaking of, but I hope you enjoy it - sounds amazing! :) Theresa

  2. Oh Silke shes just beautiful, I love her both ways, so i'm no help. :) Your reasoning for painting women is just right to me, you'll know when you know (if you decide to do something else!). But i love the women and think each one is wonderful.
    Your show sounds so interesting, maybe Netflix has it?

  3. Silke - she is mesmerizing! I love he colors and the look on her face. Your ladies are the most wonderful creations. I hope she goes to a loving home!

    We love Netflix too!

    It was so much fun seeing your wonderful creative space earlier ~~~


  4. **SQUEALS** I LOVE her ♥♥♥ Big Love ♥♥♥ I am actually more drawn to the finished painting. I HAVE seen that show and thank you very much but I like my modern conveniences! Bad Alice. You do not want her in your garden. She is growing magic mushrooms and is in search of the Mad Hatter. Oh, and women yes! Because we are awesome and fearfully made. Okay, perhaps the Bible did not say "awesome", but our version would! **blows kisses** Deb

  5. She certainly has an air of mystery to her now. I love it! I haven't seen that show, but it sounds interesting.

  6. I love the colors you have used. It really is interesting how a piece evolves and when we feel it is done, quite the journey.

  7. What a transformation! Pretty isn't what matters. What matters, is that you have expressed yourself truly. Wonderful painting, Silke!

  8. Die Tranformation ist dir wirklich gelungen! Unglaublich, wie das Bild jetzt wirkt!
    Und: man braucht nicht für alles eine Erklärung. Wenn es sich richtig und gut anfühlt, dann ist es das auch meistens. Und, liebe Silke, so wie ich dich kenne, sind deine Transformationen auch noch lange nicht abgeschlossen ...
    Alles Gute,

  9. Hi Silke ..she is so wonderful and carries such a strong presence to her..I love the whole energy to her and surrounding her...she is truly radiant!It alsmot feels like it is night time..and there is light shining and also part shadow cast on her..and the backdrop lights up even more. very cool! It is wonderful you paint is truly inspiring.I love faces, they are most interesting to paint to me. Just gorgeous, thanks for sharing this beauty! magnificent!
    have a sparkling day!

  10. Silke, I always love the way a painting basically *makes* itself if the artist is listening. Like this one, they can stop anywhere in the process, but the intuitive artist will keep listening to what they want!
    It is fun to see the progresion!!!


  11. Silke your art is so deep and passionate. Love all the rich colours.
    Is it, we wish to make paintings pretty and just don't feel we can do all the things to create prettiness with a man? Maybe accepting which body we are in time around? Our inner soul creating what we know and understand.
    It is a deep subject.
    Thank you Silke for all your beautiful messages.
    I am mending, stitches and mouth inside is tightening.
    All my love!


  12. Lovin' the ladies, Silke...just wonderful!

  13. I love both versions! I sometimes wonder why it happens that an artist decides to remake a painting even though the earlier version is perfect.

    Ah television. Hmn I have not seen that show. I do not like reality shows. There is so much reality around me already and that's enough for me. Have a wonderful Sunday Silke.

  14. all the versions are looking good but I must agree with you that this final version is the best! Nice to see someone else listens to their muse.

    I have seen that Colonial House too and really enjoyed it. all the drama, eating the rancid meat, yuck.

  15. Whoaaa! I love watching the evolution. Amazing how simple additions change really change a piece. Utterly beautiful!

    I think women must be more inspirational to paint than men. I see more paintings of women in museums....

  16. Love the evolution! It happens to me as well from time to time. You just can't leave it be until you feel it's done.

  17. Her emotion is so authentic now. It is gorgeous in its depth. The effect is so wonderful. Great art friend. Blessings.