Monday, June 14, 2010

Road Trip - Part 2: Flora

As we are experiencing temperatures in the mid-90's here and heat indices of 110 degrees, we are remembering with longing the cool days we experienced in the Smoky Mountains and in Shenandoah National Park.

The plants and flowers were magnificent, like this amazing magnolia flower.
Have you ever compared the size of your head to a magnolia flower? It's quite humbling...
The mountains were filled with these pretty flowering mountain laurels. Sadly, we were too late for the splendor of the rhododendrons.
This was the first time I had seen the very interesting flowers of the tulip poplar trees. Aren't they most unusual?
On our walks we found many wild blueberries and
ate plenty of delicious wild strawberries.

We still found quite a few blooming flame azaleas -
with the most intense orange color.
Look at that odd fungus-like thing. Does anyone know what it is?

The only columbine we saw and that at a fairly high altitude.

And then there were plenty of mushrooms,

an old apple orchard right by our camp site in Shenandoah National Park
and ferns everywhere! It was magical!
Flowers just make me happy and I hope this post did the same for you. Stay tuned for Part 3: Fauna tomorrow!!

In the meantime, it's so good to be back home and connected with all of you once again!!


  1. Flowers definitely make me happy! Love that Magnolia - what a beauty!

  2. It made me very happy indeed, Silke! I loved the photos so much, especially the mushrooms and the mountain laurel (our state flower). :) Theresa

  3. Silke, what beautiful photos! Just love that tulip poplar flower (I didn't even know something that beautiful exists) and those lovely tiny blue stars in the grass!!!

  4. Hello Liebe Silke!

    So sorry if I've beem away for far too long, but I'm up to my eyes with work.
    You've certainly gave seen that I have closed my Blog...just for now ...

    Your pictures are amazing, I love flowers, well who doesn't???
    That magnolia is WOW ! Just look at its size...

    Hope to rerturn to you soon.

  5. These shots reminded me so much of my too brief time in Oregon. I love hiking and just enjoying natures beauty. You take great shots, and I love the picture of you with the magnolia, incredible picture.

  6. What a lovely walk you took us on! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful!!! That magnolia bloom is amazingly LARGE. Fabulous shot, Silke. Oh your weather...I cannot even imagine those temperatures with your humidity. When we were in Georgia two July's ago for Ryan's graduation, I could not breathe in the morning. However, my skin did feel very hydrated! **kisskiss** Deb

  8. Hi Silke...what a super magical land of flora! I love the photo of you and the giant dazzling must have a huge aura! yay..that was so fun!
    have a dazzling day..thanks for sparkling mine with such beauty and harmony!

  9. I love flowers. I always have a vase filled with flowers.

    Oh Silke that magnolia flower is the biggest I have ever seen yet! We have magnolia trees here but the flowers are not that huge. My, one could use the bloom as a hat!

  10. Hi Silke, Gosh it seems like it's been forever that I've been to your wonderful blog. I had started posting again last week after a very long and trying time again with surgeries. I do hope that Daniel is feeling better and that you're doing fine! Thank you so much for you sweet and kind words and your wonderful card, they mean so much to me!
    I loved all your gorgeous pictures, but I always do! The magnolias were outstanding! It's the largest one that I've ever seen before! Thank you so much for sharing all of them.
    I had looked through your blog a lil and gosh Silke your paintings are incredible! I just love your's all so beautiful! I hope that you have a lovely day and Rocky asked me if you would please tell Winslow and Ramses hi for him! lol
    Hugs and much love to you...

  11. The tulip poplar flower how wonderful it is. Your trip looks amazing. The photos are lovely and I can't wait to see part 3.

  12. Lovely flowers, lovely photos. Ich habe gerade aus dem Garten meiner Freundin einen Pfingstrosenstrauß bekommen und sitze nur da und himmele ihn an. Good to have you back! LG Stefanie

  13. Hi Silke!

    I'm LATE!!!
    The fungus on the one plant? I think it is a praying mantis nest. Kind of papery and crunchy?
    I so miss the southern Magnolias. There is nothing in the world like them....the size, the scent, the romance.
    The photos are beautiful and make me want out of Indiana even more!!!
    Hope your patient is doing quite well!


  14. hi silke! it looks like nature provided lots of gorgeous eye everywhere you turn!! it's been outrageously hot here, too.....ugh, i'm almost afraid to think about the weather in august!!! xox, ;))

  15. Hi Silke, I have never seen a flower as big as the magnolia you have made a photo of, is incredible, I love it!

  16. I could be surrounded by them all day!! I need to photograph some of mine!! Loves to you!

  17. Loved going on your flora journey. Miss seeing your sweet smile.

  18. Wow- what lovely photos. I think the ferns growing in the meadow like that do look magical - almost unreal! I have never seen a tulip poplar blossom either, except on a picture. Are they the size of a Magnolia and do they smell nice?

    I miss wild strawberries. I didn't think they grow in America. Do they taste just like the Prestle in Deutschland? I wish I had some...they made the best Obstkuchen...

    and the mushrooms...wonder if any of them were edible?

    I wish I could live there...

  19. Incredible flowers and photos Silke.
    I am so glad you like to take pictures.