Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Necklaces & One Award

Last night, I was perusing my latest copy of Artful Blogging and admiring all those beautiful and artistic blogs and their inspiring photos! As I was taking it all in, I decided that this year, I want to break out of my way of doing things and try something new. Not in major ways, but for example in how I take photos.
So, today something interesting happened. I was going to take photos of two necklaces I won in giveaways and just received. Well, the battery of my camera needed charging and I couldn't find the cable anywhere. I have one spot where I keep it (usually) without fail, but it wasn't there or in any of the other obvious places.

And then it occurred to me that here was my opportunity to break out of the way I usually do things. I decided that I will stop looking for the cable knowing full well I'll find it sooner or later and thought that I would try something different to show you those gorgeous necklaces: I scanned them! And what fun I had trying to find a good background paper and then play with them in Adobe Photoshop! And all that because of a lost camera charger...The stunning handcrafted necklace above was generously given to me by Becky of The Gritty Bird. If you haven't yet visited her blog, you must head over there now! She is a talented artist all around!!

And the adorable necklace below I won in a giveaway I didn't even know I had been entered into simply by becoming her facebook fan. Lucky me!! One day I received an e-mail from the lovely Lesley of Lolley's Handmade Jewelry letting me know that I had won this sparkly beauty!! Visit her blog - you'll be inspired!
Finally, I am honoring this sweet award given to me by the wonderful and talented Kelly of Kelly Berkey Designs. Go check out her blog - you'll be happy you did!!
I am supposed to name 10 things I love. I said I'd think about it, but I didn't, so this will be a spontaneous list:

1. traveling
2. being at home
3. being with the people I love
4. spending time alone
5. paint on my hands
6. getting lost in a good book
7. watching the sun rise or set
8. looking out at the ocean and listening to the waves
9. gazing into the treetops through our skylights
10. blogging!

Kelly, I feel honored you thought of me with this award. Thank you!!

Did I say I was going to have another painting to show you? Well, I don't yet. I still haven't finished it - the last few days simply got away from me and today I had to finish reading South of Broad by Pat Conroy. I read if for my library book group meeting this Monday and I am so glad I did. However, it took away a little from my painting time. But soon, dear friends, soon...

P.S. I loved, loved, LOVED all your comments on the books, movies and TV shows of your childhood. Many I had read and watched, but some I haven't yet. For example, I have never read Little Women, or The Wind in the Willows, so those are now on the top of my list. Thank you all!!


  1. First Silke your new picture is gorgeous. You are so beautiful.

    Love the necklaces and the list.

    Oh and yes one of the bats have left the stomach it took me all night to throw that one up.


  2. Hi Silke! What lovely necklaces you won! I especially like the first one - I went to visit the shop, but it's sadly closed through the end of January. But I'll be back! And congrats on your award - it is richly deserved. :) I agree with many of the faves on your list. And isn't Artful Blogging wonderful??? I really need to subscribe - it's rather addicting.
    I know you will enjoy Little Women - it is one of my all-time faves. :)
    Hope to chat with you again soon!!! :) Theresa

  3. Oh, i love that magazine too! SO inspiring. Just shows you how you can photograph the every day in a beautiful way.
    congrats on the necklace win! it is stunning :)

  4. Hi Silke, I love your winnings! The necklace with Shine Brightly is awesome! How fun to be so lucky. I love Artful Blogging. I always go to Barnes and Noble to get the latest issue. I should think of ordering a subscription. lol
    Your list could be my list. We are so similar. Both Leo's and 43 on top of that.
    Have a lovely evening.

  5. There you go, you were ready to try something new and rather than do the "same old, same old" synchronicity came to visit, "moved" your cable and created this wonderful opportunity for you!! And look how incredible these photos are!!!

    Love these necklaces...and I loved "South of Broad"...getting lost in a good book...bliss!!!

  6. I love your photographs and your new necklaces!!

  7. Silke..your paintnings are so are very inspiring....

    that's funny about the Artful Blogger magazine. I bought it too and have been waiting for the new year to read it..i want to try something a little "braver"..i guess....i was so scared of it when i first made me so nervous...i still am afraid i'll mistakenly erase everything..i have heard those stories..yikes...

    your necklaces are lovely and i am off to check those sites....

    thanks for sharing, dear friend

    more later

  8. Oh lucky you! Or actually, lucky necklaces that get to adorn that gorgeous neck of yours!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  9. Silke, I love how you took a negative (misplacing your camera cable) and turning it into such a creative and attractive positive (the scanned necklaces enhanced by photoshop!) Makes me wish I HAD photoshop! Well done!

    Also love your could have been mine! thanks for are always so generous with your thoughts and beautiful energy!

  10. Hi Silke,
    I am so happy you are trying new things.
    What a grand idea w/photography.
    I love what you did with it..!
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  11. those scans are amazing! what kind of scanner are you using? I think you will enjoy DJ's online workshop- I can see from your scans that you have basic photoshop skills - which will make it all easier.

  12. Hi Silke! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy new year, filled with art and laughter and love. I enjoyed your thoughts here on taking a new approach--that's always been so helpful to me, when I think to do it and am not too stubborn to try. :)

    Happy weekend!

  13. I love the paper choices you used to enhance the necklaces... they look lovely. It is fun to discover new things, I am a scanning fan.

  14. Hey Silke! Wow what a great job you did with your scanner! Funny how things work out and we get pushed to try something new.

    THANKS so much for your kind words. I am trilled that you liked the necklace- it couldn't have gone to a sweeter spirit then you!

    Take Care and enjoy your weekend.

  15. Congrats, Silke! I love that first necklace. Is Artful Blogging as good as the cover looks?

  16. Congrats to the award Sike and to the lovely Necklaces.
    Beckys one is phantastic.
    Have a nice sunday

  17. I just love visiting your blog!

  18. Hi Silke,
    your photoes looks so wonderfull, what a great way to take a picture.
    And the award yiu should certainly have, dear.
    I so agree with what you have been choosing.
    Sending you big hug.

  19. The necklaces are beautiful and the pictures you took are awesome! Great idea. You are filled with great ideas.

  20. Hi Silke,
    Both necklaces are beautiful. I particularly like the 1st one. Congratulations on your award as well. I am going to pick up a copy of Artful Blogging. What a great magazine.
    Hugs, Diane

  21. That's genious! They came out fantastic and congratulations to wonderful you! Oh, and zi love your 10...:)

  22. Hi Silke, thanks for the lovely comments, you are one talented lady and the award was much deserved! I love the scanned necklaces, you are so creative!! Hugs and much love to you, oh, I miss the ocean...I have lots of snow to look at instead!

  23. How clever you are! the scans are so beautiful, it looks wonderful. I hope i can get the hang of scanning, i've not done it in a long time!
    i love that magazine, it's so inspirational, so many lovely people in the blog world.well, the world really.
    Your list of ten are all things i love too, except i don't have a skylight so i'd say taking photographs instead!
    Congratulations on your award Silke ☺

    p.s. i hope you find your camera charger.