Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Childhood Memories

The other day I came across a painting someone had done of Pippi Longstocking, or Pippi Langstrumpf as she was called in German. Growing up in Germany, all of us children (at least all the kids I knew) read many books by the famous Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren. I still have copies of some of my favorite books of hers! They were wonderful!

Some of her books were made into movies and TV shows, and of those my absolute favorite was Pippi Langstrumpf. I loved her free spirit!! So, in a sentimental moment, I tried to find the German theme song of the TV show (I still know it by heart!) and found it on Youtube. If you want to hear it (and see some fun scenes from the movies and shows), click here.

Three other TV shows I watched once in a while and really enjoyed when I was growing up were The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, and Daktari, all of course in German! I didn't read any of the American children's classics, like Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables, until I had moved to the US as an adult. I still love reading children's and young adult books.

What were some of your favorite books growing up? Or TV shows? Or movies?

New painting coming soon. And the award as well. Sending you warm wishes from a very cold Savannah!!


  1. The Little House books are my favorite (along with Anne of Green Gables and anything Austen). As a matter of fact, every winter I reread the Little House books. I'm reading the The Long Winter now.


  2. Thank you Silke, for the nice note about my good health news. Happy New year to you and yours!

  3. I loved CS Lewis' books, and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe was my fav! I'm looking forward to seeing your new painting!

  4. I love the "Little House" series Little house on Plum Creek being my favorite. Oh how I wanted to live by water. Also I can't forget Little Women.

  5. oh my goodness.....pippi reminds me of being a kid on any given saturday afternoon, curled up in a chair reading those books. and i had completely forgotten about, flashback to the past!! brings a big smile to my face, silke....thanks!!! xoxo, :))

  6. I absolutely L O V E D the Little House on the Prairie books. I also loved James and the Giant Peach.

  7. I grew up loving Little House, of course, but more recently I rented all of the Pipi's on Netflix. We laughed so hard at them. They are perfect for a 5 and 7 year old. One of our favorite parts was when they were whispering the worst things they have ever heard to each other. Pipi said she could not repeat the worst thing (bad words) to them because they were so bad, but she could yell them out the window. Ha ha . We were rolling.


  8. Oh...of course the Little House books and the Little House series on t.v. I adored Charlottes Web and Stuart Little and also Little Women.

  9. My fave Pippi moment is with my daughter as we watched The Gilmore Girls on DVD sing the song about her. The GG are our favorite shows and this reminded me to introduce my little girl to her spunk! Thanks for the memories Silke! Blessings.

  10. I read all of the 'Nancy Drew' books and because I had brothers, I read 'The Hardy Boys' also...anything I could get my hands on! Enjoyed your post.

  11. I LOVE Pippi so much. My children grew up in Villa Vilakula, we named it so because it reminded us of pippi's home. And do you know I bought a special edition which is so beautifully illustrated, for myself not even a year ago.
    And the little house too, love them all. everything you've mentioned, i love them all. i'll never stop reading children's books and literature. it is one of my favorite things ever.
    going to look for my book now!

  12. I used to watch Pippi in Canada when I was a child! Boy.... does this bring back memories for me!!

  13. Schöne kindheitserinnerungen,
    Pippi war klasse und ist es immer noch!

  14. I never read the little house books but I just loved the tv series.

  15. Great topic! As for TV - I Loved the Waltons & the PBS version of Anne of Green Gables so well put to film. A Wrinkle in Time, Lion Witch & Wardrobe, Freedom Train, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory were cherished childhood books.

  16. I LOVE Lindgren's Bullerbü stories, and the two movies of them by Lasse Hallström.
    I also love Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books, and read them frequently even though I'm not a child anymore :)

  17. Hi Silke, Thank you so much for the bracelet, it is so beautiful and it so goes with a necklace Micki gave me. I was so suprised!
    Your scarf kept me nice and cosy this morning.
    So lovely and soft! I may buy some more from you another time as these are truly lovely and you wrap them up so nicely!

    Thank you so much!



  18. Hello dear Silke!!!
    Pippi, what a magnificent topic... No kidding here ---> I have several back-burner projects, and you reminded me of one I started working on in 2008... a Pippi Longstocking SM tile commemorating her spunk, attitude, and everlasting spirit. It never came to fruition because of intellectual property rights... don't want to get into trouble with Pippi's estate, you know.
    I remember seeing her movies here when I was a kid... always wondering why she spoke so weirdly (dubbing into English, of course).
    Nice thought today, Silke.
    Keep up the delightful work in 2010.

  19. Ach ja Pipi!
    War sie nicht großartig?
    Doch noch mahr mochte ich Michel aus Loenneberga.
    Wenn er mit dem kranken Alfred durch den Schneesturm fährt um ihn nach Marriannelund zum Doktor zu bringen kriege ich auch heute noch feuchte Augen.
    Und dann die ganzen wunderbaren Tschechischen Filme und Serien.
    Pan Tau und Sechs Bären und Zwiebel.
    Kannst du dich daran erinnern?
    Schau mal bei
    rein. Dort gibt es die Titelmusik einer jeden alten Sendung zum hören und kostenlosen download.
    Ich wünsch dir einen besonders schönen Tag

  20. Pippi! I do remember reading the book as a child. My favorites, however, were the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I also cherished Little Women, which I read when I was a bit older. But it's the Little House books that hold a special place in my heart. I always imagined that I was Laura (although not when she was "bad") and wanted to eat sugar on snow and have corn cob dolls! I did not care for the television show at all. I did love The Waltons and watched it all the time. I even had Waltons paper dolls!!!

  21. Hi Silke,

    OH yes, I have seen her too" Pipi langstrømpe"
    and my grandchild 3years, likes to see her now.
    But without doubt , the books I still return to as adult, is :"The little house" books. The books being so much more fantastic to read, than seeing the far too much suckersweet TV serie, -not (for me) made according to the books.

    Hope you are ok, and all well.

    Hugs Dorthe

  22. Hi Silke,
    I use to love Pippi Longstockings. Wow... You have brought back some past memories. I'm thinking about my childhood too. I also enjoyed watching The Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons on TV!
    My mum use to call me Elizabeth Walton. Of course I looked nothing like her, apart from the red hair!;)
    Good to see you and thank you for a fun post.
    Love Jo.x

  23. My favorite books were in a series of "How and Why Books". I still remember reading the biography of the great scientists and I can still see the drawings where Marie Curie discovered radium and Gregor Johann Mendel with his hat and glasses, Anton Van Leeuwenhoek with his microscope, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilei with his telescope. I also loved books of Philippine folklore, music books! Yes! We had leather bound music books and we studied notes (I am an awful singer). We were poor and did not have many toys but we had a house full of books so we read and played with books. Those drawings that I do like 100 rats, 100 butterflies are remnants of a game my younger sister and I played where the winner was the one who opened the page where there were many people. Each person figure was a point and we assigned a number for crowds like 250 0r 1000. Of course my favorite book is the dictionary. The bigger, thicker, wider and heavier the book, the better!

  24. Oh, I love Pippi! Thank you for this lovely walk down memory lane. It was fun to read about everyone's favorites!

    I actually didn't read many books as a kid but I do remember enjoying the Beatrix Potter books. At some point I did became hooked and fell in love with books like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. Now, even though I'm in my thirties, I'm obsessed with YA books and children's books. It's like I'm making up for what I missed out on.

    Happy reading!

  25. Thank you for stopping by! Your art is so beautiful and inspiring. I think I've found a new favorite! I'm glad I found you on Amy's blog and then I see you won a gorgeous necklace from the Gritty Bird. Congratulations! See you around blogland...:)

  26. Thank you lovee!

    WHAT is that plate of the most delicious looking dish on your new avatar? You are TORTURING me! I am so hungery now. I have not had breakfast yet just cofee and I can smell the scrambled egg dish my son is making.

    I am sooo hungry now.

  27. Hi Silke, Thanks for stopping by, and for liking my journal work. Wow, I was a huge fan of Pippi Longstocking as a child, I think I loved her free spirit so much...xx

  28. Great scanned shots. Congrats on the award I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours!

  29. I LOVE AOGG! I, too, read them for the first time as an adult. Lucy Maud Montgomery is my favorite classic author. Did you ever read "The Blue Castle" by her? I've probably read that one 5 times so far. It's a great pick-me-up-and-out-of-the-doldrums book. And her Emily series... well, I actually feel a little ashamed admitting that I enjoy them a little bit more than the Anne series. Lol! Just a tad though. They're pretty much neck in neck for me in that #1 spot.