Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday was one of those off-days for me. Not a bad day, but one where I move slower and am drawn to those things that bring me comfort.
Like a cup of English Breakfast tea and butter cookies, which I used to eat as a child in Germany and discovered just yesterday in our local grocery store (oh, joy!) ...

... a bowl of Chicken and Egg Domburi over rice, my favorite Japanese comfort food ...
... soft things to knit like these scarves I just finished ...
... my favorite blanket, crocheted by Daniel's oldest sister for our wedding 20 years ago ...
... and my new, much loved furry slippers, a Christmas present from Daniel for my oh so happy (and now toasty) feet.
I've learned over the years to indulge my need for comfort on those days. And it worked. Today, I am feeling energetic again and recharged and ready to take on my little world...

Wishing you all comfort in your lives wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing at the moment!

I will be by soon and visit your blogs. I'll have more art to show before long and another award to pass on...

P.S. To all of you who read my previous post where I had misplaced the charger for the camera, I found it!! And guess where it was? Where I always keep it - and only partially hidden from view. Yesterday I saw it right away. I must have overlooked it subconsciously in order to break out from my normal photography routine and try something new.


  1. Oh dear Silke - I'm happy that you have so many things to take comfort from when you needed it. Food is such a comforter, an enricher & nourisher, it's always my way of offering comfort to loved ones.

    Hope you continue to feel brighter & more energised over the coming days & weeks.

    Take care

    Sarah xx

    PS Love the slippers too xx

  2. I love comforting things. Some of my favorites are: bubble baths, lavender sleep lotion, a quilt and book, tea, and candles.

    Glad you found some comfort yesterday!

  3. I've decided every day should be a day to indulge in things that provide comfort. For me, the last couple of days have been about reading good books, snuggling under the covers for long naps, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate! And, I have to say, it all has worked wonders for me.

  4. Here's a cyber hug for you too to add a touch more comfort Silke!
    Glad you're feeling more energetic today :)
    I get the winter blahs myself!
    Take care and stay snuggly!

  5. The photography is wonderful! Artistic! I love cookies any kind. I love cookies with tea. Ah yes, indulgence and I agree. They don't have to be ostentatious either nor expensive. The simplest things can be the most sophisticated and elegant and comfortable. A little imagination and the ability to arrange objects and colors, like you do. EXCELLENT!

    BTW as for runner bands: we had this game where we tied the rubber bands so tight around our fingers until they turned blue! We wanted to see if we can tolerate the pain - Oy! We were like little masochist pre-schoolers!

  6. Oh you are making me hungry. Now I will make myself a cup of pomegranate tea and have some butter cookies with them!

  7. Nothing wrong with needing a bit of comfort every now and then. I think you and I have the same furry slippers too.... take care

  8. We all need those days off to rest and recharge. I've had the *no art day* due to other matters (resolved) but now it is the doom of housework rearing it's ugly head.
    The biscuits and tea sound soooooo good! :)
    A nice way to just relax......


  9. those slippers look so comforting and cozy.

  10. I love your slippers. I'm now hungry after looking at your comfort food. We all need comfort, nothing wrong with that. Have a great rest of the week and I look forward to seeing your next work.

  11. Cozy and yummy! Excellent combination. I have had a head cold all week and my brain feels like empty air! Ditzier than normal! Good thing I work at home. **nokisskiss due to cold** Deb

  12. Hi Silke! Glad you are feeling recharged again. Comfort foods and favorite belongings are always the perfect touch! :)

  13. what a wonderful post Silke - simple pleasures work wonders.

  14. Tea and cookies, that sounds good right now. I have never actually had tea and cookies together.:)

  15. Thank you for this post Silke.
    I absolutely have those days where I am just kind of in a funk and get mad at myself for being that way....when in actuality it is a time i should be extra tender with myself and give comfort. THIS POST REALLY HELPED ME! And i loved hearing about all of your sweet comforts.

    I want to curl up under that blanket with some tea and butter cookies...sounds heavenly!!


  16. Mmmmmh, Leibnizkekse! They came out with a new sort here called landkekse that have bits of oats and are very very delicious, one of my husband's favorite things to snack while watching a movie.
    So nice that you honoured your urge for comfort and just lived it.
    Looking forward to your top ten list!
    country girl

  17. HI Silke, such a beautiful cosy time out. Sounds such a dream. I love home comforts and so pleased you indulged into it and feel so much more energetic today.
    Thank you so much Silke for your warm comforting comments, helping me feel so much better.
    Hoping to get much better over the weekend.

    Looking forward to your next beautiful lady!

    Big hugs!


  18. Good Morning Lovely Gulf Queen! What's for today? I noticed that the wood grain where you have the tea and butter cookies has beautiful geometrical inlays. Have a wonderful day Dearest Silke!

  19. HAHAHA! I love seeing you first thing in the morning. I am having coffee in my scarlet Fiesta mug and Daisy keeps coming over asking for a hug and a kiss. She just rested her head on my legs. I am a shtinky weirdo. HAHAHAHA!

  20. How the heck did that just become a comforting post for me Silke, I don't know, but somehow it did. I thought, I'm going to try some good soup today. And go and read under a blanket.

    Love Renee xoxo

  21. Hi Silke, thank you for following my blog - you'll see I awarded you my Happy 101 Award too, but of course you only need to do the things once! Just wanted you to know that I love your posts, this one reminded me that it's OK to take a day for myself sometimes and give in! I feel a bit blue myself right now, time to hug my soul! Thank you for a lovely break xox

  22. good idea, when you're a little under the weather, treat yourself to your favourite things.

    glad you are up and running again, look after yourself, and send me a Keks or two.

  23. we need days like that I think...