Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finished! I think...

(Painted on 15 x 22 inch, 140 lb cold press rough watercolor paper.)

Well, this is what my busy background (click here to view) and my image transfers (click here to see) turned into. It was a long process and so delicious - for the most part!

Every step along the way, I just stare at what I have without a clue as to what to do next. And then, suddenly inspiration hits, I have a thought and off I go to apply another layer. At the end, Daniel had some suggestions, which made me grumble at first (I thought I was done), but then when I worked them into the painting, it looked so much better! After all, unlike me, he's been doing this such a long time... Thank you, Daniel!

P.S. Speaking of Daniel, he's got a new post up on his blog ... don't miss it - it made me laugh!


  1. Hello Silke, what a wonderful picture. I really love it! Thank you for sharing the process of image transfer - I will try it, but need some gel medium. By the way - what brand of colors you are using? I love the Liquitex Heavy Body..Have a nice day - Inge

  2. This turned out amazing and I still am getting my head around the fact that this developed from the busy background and the image transfers!!!
    I absolutely LOVE the subtle quality in this work---the reduced palette makes it extremely restful for the eye, but the textured ground beneath give the eye great textural interest to keep it moving about the painting.
    It is a nice juxtaposition of active/calm....gentle/dynamic.
    To date, of your work I have seen, I have to say this springs forward as a progression piece.
    In other words.....this is REALLY good! :)


  3. Der Hintergrund macht sich klasse in deinem Bild. Ich mag es wie die Farben in die der Kleider überzugehen scheinen.
    Das sieht klasse aus.
    Auch dein Auftragsbild ist gut gelungen.
    ICh finde es immer schwer lachende Menschen zu zeichnen.
    So ein offener Mund hat leicht etwas bedrohliches oder unschhönes, zumindest wenn ich ihn male (ha ha).
    Have a great sunday Silke

  4. Hi Silke,
    This is a wonderful new painting and the new textures are great. I like the gentle colours of this picture...Beautiful facial expressions too!
    I hope you are well and enjoying your weekend.
    Best wishes.

  5. I really love it! This is so peaceful. Blessings friend.

  6. I love this painting! I think it all works together beautifully -- the colors, the textures, and the images. You should feel very proud! This is gorgeous.

  7. Well, I'd say it's your best yet, Silke! Terrific with those textured layers and the colours are subtle and beautiful.

  8. OooooohH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! This is my favorite Silke painitng. This is exquisite!

    Whatever Daniel suggested, may have helped but the women! They are rendered magnificently.

    It is beautiful It is my favorite. The women's faces have the characteristically classic impressionistic execution.

    I LOVE IT. I REALLY LOVE IT. First thing I lay my eyes on this morning and what a gift!

  9. painting! I know how to spell painting...

  10. This is beautiful Silke! I love the colors you've used!

  11. Silke, I love this. It is darker than your other paintings but I think it sort of adds mystery to it.

  12. It seems hard to believe that the bright busy background became this soft lovely painting. It is beautiful. thanks for the encouraging words. I've not been "blogging" as usual so bear with me. Lorrie

  13. Hi liebe Silke

    What a wonderfull art piece, it is fantastic,-I love your background ,seen through the two beautifull painted wemen, and I love the muted tones, so great Silke.

    Love and hugs Dorthe

  14. this is just beautiful!!! you must be so pleased.

  15. It's absolutely beautiful! Gut gemacht!

  16. Wonderful piece!! The background works very well with your girls!
    Off to check Daniel's blog!!

  17. absolutely gor-juss!!!

    but then again, all your paintings are!! you are very inspiring dear Silke!!!

    sending loves on this beautiful Sunday afternoon!


  18. Just darling Silke! I love it! Thanks for sharing the process...helps us nebies out a bunch!

  19. Silke....well this turned out so are so talented....just wonderful...loved seeing this....

    i'll be back to visit very soon, my friend


  20. Oh Silke, this is really beautiful! It's so great watching your art evolve. This is my favorite painting of yours to date!!

  21. WOOOOWWWW!!!!
    very well done, Silke, congrats!!!


  22. Silke, this painting is absolutely fabulous! Love how they lend their faces to on another.
    Lips are divine! The top the large girl as on, so rustic and gentle.
    Thank you for telling me about the screen saver, I have done this also. This painting is the right size to go right across the screen.
    Have an awesome day!



  23. Oh, I am so pleased that you like it as much as I do! I had so much fun with this!! And I'm already on to the next one... Love, Silke

  24. I came to admire this again.

  25. I love the soft colors in this one. And their beautiful faces are so serene. I love how the one's head is tilted toward the other. I enjoyed blowing this up and admiring how you rendered the faces and noses. Gorgeous job!

  26. I love the mutted colors in this one - could be my favorite one Silke.

  27. silke, the tilt of the head, the serene wisdom, the softness of the have captured the essence of each of them.

    you are going to be total fun to follow, silke! i just love your enthusiasm. your joy and excitement are contagious! ♥

  28. stumpled upon your name at cessalisious's blog(aka ces lol)love your blog and your work! this is beautful silke!

  29. This piece you have created is beautiful Silke! I love the colours/the blending/the texture. And I love the women's, so beautiful.

    I also love that while you grumbled at Daniel's suggestions, you took them and were glad to do so when you saw the effect. Sometimes we just need another eye to see something we've missed, even something small.