Friday, January 15, 2010

An Award - Happy 101!

Imagine my surprise when I received the same award from two different, wonderful bloggers (make sure you visit their blogs - you are in for a treat!):
1. The beautiful Dawn of May All Seasons Be Sweet To Thee. Her photos are so stunning as she shares with us her creative life in Austria! A wonderful treat!!
2. And the most lovely Rachel of Mozart's Girl. Her love of baking and cooking had me hooked the first time I visited her blog. And on top of that, she's a Mozart fan - what's not to love?!
I feel honored and grateful!! Because I've done several list of the 10 things that make me happy, I thought today I'd do something a little different.

I took 10 minutes this morning, walked around the house with my camera and took pictures of those things that make me smile. Truth is, I don't have to go far to find my happiness. So, come with me on my joyful walk...

1. A sun catcher given to us by one of my dear childhood friends. I love the way the sun reflects off of it...
... the way it paints our kitchen cupboards in rainbow colors, ...
... lights a rainbow path to our refrigerator (in case I get hungry and can't find my way) ...
... and makes the whole world rainbow colored when looking through it!
2. Our bright and busy fish that swim along every time I walk past the aquarium in hopes I might feed them.
This eel is especially nosy and always follows my every move. He and his brother are two of my favorite fish in our tank!
3. The table runner we brought back from Guatemala. Can you see how the colors reflect in the candle? I love that!!
4. More splashes of color in our living room - flowers of the variety that never stop blooming...
5. Our two little fairies made for us by our dear friend, TJ.
6. My favorite pair of big butterflies from Oaxaca. A lovely lady butterfly (I only took a partial picture of her because she is bare-breasted and I wasn't sure about blogging etiquette!) ...
... and her admirer! Just look at those eye lashes!!
7. One of our many Virgen de Guadalupe statues, also from Oaxaca ...
... and a painting of one from New Mexico.
8. Bookshelves filled with books (some still waiting to be read), photos, art and trinkets!
9. Sweet Winslow sleeping on my favorite blanket.
10. And not-so-patient Ramses willing the back door to open, which seems to work quite well for him - he stares and I get up to let him in!
Daniel was at a meeting while I was doing this, otherwise I would have included a picture of him - because he makes me happiest of all!

Usually, I don't pass on awards except in a general manner because I find it so hard to choose. But this time I decided to pass this on to 10 blogs that are fairly new to me. So, here they are in no particular order:

1. Anne of El Milagro Studio: Little Miracles of Art - She is a multi-talented woman and her art makes me smile!
2. Lori of Lori Times Five - She is someone I felt an instant connection with - an amazing woman ... and the photos she takes are must sees!!
3. Inge of Autumn Glow 2009 - Inge writes her blog from Germany, which I find especially endearing. Her blog makes me smile big!!
4. Jamie of Dancing Down Serendipity Street - I'm not sure how I found her lovely blog, but I'm so glad I did!!
5. Gail of Shabby Cottage Studio - An all-around inspiring blog - her mixed media art is wonderful!
6. Catherine of Edith - A super courageous young woman on her own path to finding happiness!
7. Kary of My Farmhouse Kitchen - A beautiful and comforting blog - especially if you love gorgeous photographs, delicious food and the wonderful pets!
8. Gloria of Gloria's Blog Vivalavida - Gloria's love for life shines through every word and photograph on her vivacious blog! You'll love it!!
9. Karen of Journey To Spirit Through Art and Creativity - Karen is a wonderful artist and a beautiful soul all around. Her blog inspires me!
10. Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations - Theresa makes beautiful jewelry, she knits and she is a warm and loving person! You'll see that and much more when you visit her blog!

Of course, as always, feel free to pass this award on or simply to enjoy it and know that your blogs make me smile every day!!


  1. Mille Grazie!
    I shall post it and think of ten things that make me happy.....besides 10 boxes of chocolate...I gues they have to be DIFFERENT! ;)
    I love the photo of the carved Virgen of Guadalupe---it is beautiful! Love using that imagery in my work when I can figure out how to fit it in properly.
    Lovely, lovely!
    And a nice surprise on what has been just a plain out ODD day!


  2. Beautiful photos, Silke! Fish are so funny how they expect to be fed...the koi in the pond think the CAT will feed them! Ramses is so cat sits at my window and screams! I shall have to check out your list of friends...any friend of yours could be a friend of mine...cept I already have Anne!
    **kisskiss** since you have antiviral software! Deb

  3. Thank you for your kindness!!! It is truly an honor. I'm so happy to have found this beautiful place of inspiration. Your photos are lovely and I enjoyed reading about the things that make you smile.

    Sunshine and happy wishes to you!

  4. Silke, thank you so much for the award and yoru kind words about my blog and also the sweet post you left on my blog. My blog rriends, old and new make me happy. :-)


  5. Congratulations on a well deserved award Silke! and thank you most sincerly for passing it along to me.
    I love your photos here of things that make you happy! they make me happy too (wish i had a dog like yours). We have many things from our travels also, just looking at them bring back all the best memories.
    I love coming here for many reasons, but most of all you are a truly lovely person that i am so glad to know.

    ♥ lori

    p.s. loved the comfort post, isn't that word the best?and of course all things related to it. I can't wait to meet your friends, thank you for all the links!

  6. Ah Silke, Wolfgang & I salute you!! Thank you & I'm SO glad I picked you as a recipient of my award! Winslow & Ramses are adorable. My little cat dies last February, at 15, my Papagena...I still miss her so much. Luckily we have Alice to lavish our love on! I loved your alternative Top 10, just gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful weekend, with lots of love, Rachel xoxox

  7. Thank you so much for the blog award Silke! You are too sweet.

    I love the pictures from around your house, your pets are so cute!

    love, Catherine

  8. congrats on your awards, silke!! i SO enjoyed your truly have a very happy, colorful life!! xox, :))

  9. Hi Silke. Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for the award Silke. I will enjoy it on your blog as you said but will ask my friend yaya if she would like it too. Thank you so much for thinking of me and I do appreciate it.

  10. Thank you so much! What a nice surprise.
    I have also been enjoying your blog, your photos today with all the colors are just wonderful.. Have a great weekend.

  11. This is such a wonderful post! I loved seeing all the things (besides Daniel) that make you happy.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and love,

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Silke :D - how have your been buddy? I have just been all over the place these last few weeks, haven't had much time to visit other blogs since my laptop died and my desktop computer is playing up and a bit old and slow - but at least it works - I hope to catch up with your posts the moment my laptop is returned from the technicians!

  13. You know, Silke, you are a truly wonderful person!

  14. Reading about these things that make you happy gives me a very interesting glimpse into your personality. How wonderful that you have a fish tank. Isn't it a source of endless fun? We had one, a 50 gallon one and the fish became so huge. We had a gourami that became so huge it could have fed a family! I love the multi-prism that catches the sunlight. Very nice Silke, what a treat!

  15. many congrats on the award! you deserve it :)

  16. Thanks for the tour of your bright beautiful places of happiness. I also appreciated the list of blogs to visit. It is a rainy weekend here and I will be spending time in blogland. Have a good week end. Lorrie

  17. Wow, I bet that post took a while to complete. Congratulations on your award, Silke. That Winslow has stolen my heart! He is so beautiful! Hugs, Diane

  18. Oh Silke! Thank you for sharing that quick glimpse into your childhood. I hope you will post more about them like the books you loved to read when you were a child. I think "tough" is relative. I would say we had a wonderful childhood because I remember the most, the love and caring given by the adults. Our homes (except for those whose parents were abusive) were truly refuge from the harsh outside world. Our parents were always there to provide comfort. I hear about my friends' childhood where they grow up in dysfunctional homes and parents who were not available, I say I had a much richer upbringing. It has taught me a lot and equip me with the virtues and values that now give me comfort and strength. I will be interested in reading more about your childhood.

  19. Silke,
    Thanks so VERY much for including me in your awards list! What a lovely surprise. :) And so wonderful to be included with so many other delightful people, who I would love to meet. I shall definitely reciprocate in kind. It will be difficult to narrow all my likes down to 10, however!!! :)
    Have a lovely evening and THANK YOU AGAIN!!! :) Theresa

  20. Silke...thanks so much for including me in your favorite list and your kind words...

    I Love the photos of your doggy and kitty....what precious little ones...Winslow looks like he's smiling..I think he is....

    I love your bookshelf too....they make a house a home...for sure...

    wish you were here tonight for supper, dear friend..we have plenty...

    more later,
    kary, buddy and all the kitties

  21. Hi Silke,
    congrats to your award.
    It was intersting to read that post and to see the photos.
    Ich finde es immer schön, mehr über andere Blogger zu erfahren.
    Unsere Bücherregale ähneln sich sehr.
    Have a great sunday.