Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Little Things...

...that make me happy these days.

In our garden, not much is happening, but I can still find some beautiful color in our kumquat tree (delicious little fruit!),
our ornamental cabbage,

and little pansies.

In our kitchen, I love my fun little handmade tags to help me remember what's in all my jars,

my favorite little bowl from the south of France...
...filled with cashews,
A freshly baked loaf of no-knead bread (click here for link to recipe - I use half whole wheat flour and make 1 1/2 recipes for a larger loaf),

and delicious garlic and kale soup to go with the bread.
And on my and Winslow's walk this morning, taking this one-handed snapshot of an egret.
On the Internet, I have fallen in love with Lily, the black bear, whom you can watch through a web cam that's been installed outside her den. Click here and it will take you to the North American Bear Center and the web cam. Lily gave birth to one cub a few days ago -- it's all very exciting!

Something else that makes me happy: your comments, your visits, your friendship, and your blogs!!

And -- drum roll please - that my little blog has over 200 followers! I am dumbstruck!! I remember when I had the first three followers and I thought I had arrived, that I had made it big! Three people who thought I had something to offer. Now more than 200! How is that possible?!? Well, that definitely calls for a giveaway in the very near future!! In the meantime, a heartfelt thank you!! That makes me happy!

What are the little things that make you happy?


  1. Lovely post!Little things for me would be my 2 dogs when I get home after a long day.Hot chocolate and a great book,Taking long walks, refreshes my mind.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love everything on this list! What simple pleasures yet each worth its weight in gold in bringing joy and happiness. Your food looks delicious and healthy. Your photography is fast reaching professional- magazine publication level, correction, I could just as well be reading this this from a magazine publication.

    Good morning sunshine. It is wet and rainy here today. I was awakened with the sound of rain on our roofs.

  3. I so need to move to a warmer climate, as my eny at outdoor photos is a a peak right now!
    Shooting snow and mud looses it's appeal after a quick bit!!! LOL!!!
    Lovely photos....enjoy that fresh citrus! :)

    Anne.....still among the living

  4. Hi sweet, the pleasure is all ours, visiting you alwayes gives smiles, and happy moments.
    How fantastic to see what`s in your garden this time os year,and that you have kumquats ,wow
    here all is covered in snow........
    Your bread and soup looks so tasty uuhhmm
    and the little tags so beautifull on all your jars.
    Thanks for a wonderfull invite to see your friday.
    Love Dorthe

  5. Love those colours in your garden!!! Everything here is brown, grey, white. We've had about 7 inches of snow these last two days and it will snow again tonight. I'm wishing for spring.

  6. That cabbage is so beautiful-I have always admired ornamental cabbages from a distance but never planted one...It is such a delicate flower of a thing (and yet I imagine it is quite hardy as usually they are planted in the Fall round here.)

    little things, hmmm. My dog Ellie, cuddled next to me on the couch most certainly (all thought she's a 45 pound standard poodle, so I'm not sure if she really counts as little!)

    the view out my bedroom window of the sun rising through the trees (also not so little, hmmm this is tricky)

    the rare privilege of peeking in on my now teenage daughters when they are sleeping (they still look like babies when their faces relax)

    the one bright green, random weed just outside the sliding glass door of my home (snow, ice, nothing can keep this little plant from growing!)

    that's a few :)

  7. Oh I know, it's so wonderful when the words you write and the pictures you share seem to touch people and make them want to stop by.
    Congratulations on 200 followers!
    I love the colours you've shown us today. And your labels are very cute.

  8. Loved the photo and the soup looks amazing!! I LOVE kale! I am so missing nice weather right now!! It is freezing here and snow everywhere, so nice to see someone is enjoying nice weather!!

  9. Tolle photos. Der Kohl sieht aus wie ein lila Spitzenhöschen (hihi)
    Have a great weekend

  10. Hi Silke - what wonderful photos! The kumquats immediately drew me in - I would pass a kumquat tree while walking to elementary school and grab a handful! I still love them!

    A few small things for me:
    -caring for my sweet granddaughter almost every day
    -displaying and using things that belonged to my mother and mother-in-law
    -the purrs of two kitties that seem to actually love me in their own kitty ways!
    -pretty papers to write on and colorful pens

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I like the ornamental cabbage and might have to try growing some of those myself one of these years, what a beautiful plant. I love the food, your kale soup and bread sound delicious.

  12. I see you have the simple abundance book on your reading list. And your list of simple things reminded me of a gratitude list. What a wonderful way to live your life-you have many beautiful things in your life.

  13. I had to come back and tell you! I checked out the Lily the Bear site and I watched her wake up! Mostly breathing and moving around, but once she looked up. Wish I could see the cub!

  14. How beautiful, Silke. What yummies in your kitchen AND your garden. Little things making me happy...kind comments on a blog, satisfied customers, a wet doggy kiss, a hug from my hubby,hot coffee. Just a few things. My list could go on and on and on!

  15. Love all those colors....all we have about now outside is gray and white and black....ugh....
    I love the background from your previous post....luscious.

  16. Lots of things make me happy, including, like you, other bloggers!
    I am especially fascinated by the process you use in your art. Please continue to show the progress you are making, right up to the finished product.
    Love your blog!

  17. having blog friends like you makes me happy..

    what a lovely list...loved the bread and soup..looks wonderful... love your pantry too

    on your books on the the first one 'simple abundance'..and is the other one the cookbook by TAL? I sat in borders yesterday and read through it..was on the fence about it..looks like i should have gotten it..i was looking for 'the kind diet' by alicia silverstone...sold out....

    have a wonderful weekend, my friend

    p.s. congrats on the 200...way to go.....

  18. Lovely pictures for us here under 45cm of snow...
    I love also your bread - I make a very simmilar one. Next time I will try your recipe.


  19. Silke, I just want to tell you that I have given you a blog award - see on my last post.

  20. First, congrats on reaching 200 readers!! That is quite an achievement. Second, I like your new profile pic! Is that your new haircut? Very stylish! Third, I'm enjoying this colorful post that once again reminds us, it's the little things in life that count. My final words: I wish you & your 199 other followers a great weekend!

  21. Thank you Silke, it's so true that the little, simple things in life make us the most happiest. Congrats on your 200 followers - but that comes as no surprise to me - you such a wonderful soul xxx

  22. Congratulations on your success! I love cabbage's just like a flower. Have you ever let brocolli go to see? Beautiful. **kisskiss** Deb

  23. Oh, what fun to read all your comments and the little things that make you happy! You all have no idea how much you enrich my life!!! Love, SIlke

  24. Your pictures are lovely - hard to imagine such beautiful plants growing outside in the middle of winter!
    That soup looks so delicious - we used to eat kale all the time growing up and I have not had it in years!

  25. Of course you would have 200 followers. I can only imagine you will have many many more Silke, your blog is a lovely lovely place to come. your gracious sweet nature makes everyone want to be your friend. and oh your art, it is so very special.
    i loved all your photos, i don't know where i'd begin to list the things that make me happy, so many things. everything i write about and photograph does.
    thank you for sharing all that you do.
    with love,