Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Illustration Friday - Confined

No longer confined by her own expectations, she felt her spirit soar.

Here is the portrait sketch I talked about that, for me, is so different from the others, simply because I painted more and didn't outline eyes, mouth and nose. It may not look very different, but it felt so much freer and while I was painting and came together much more intuitively.

This is such an interesting process for me and I hope that I am not boring you with my parade of women's portraits. Faces have always fascinated me and I am still completely spellbound by these different women pouring out of my paint brushes. I never plan how they should look or feel and am surprised every single time when they start looking out at me. It's as if I get to know them as they emerge from the paper or canvas.

Now, on to my commissioned piece, which I am excited to paint and later on show you! And then there's the larger painting and another sketch in progress...

In the meantime, thank you so much for your loving comments, which never cease warm my heart! Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!!

P.S. I entered her for this week's Illustration Friday theme of "confined." To see more interpretations of this interesting topic, click here.


  1. Silke...wow...just beautiful....what a talent you have..i just love seeing what you're doing...as always..inspiring....

    warm wishes, dear friend

  2. Hallo Silke, ich habe deinen Blog erst kürzlich entdeckt, und freue mich immer wieder aufs Neue auf deine schönen Bilder und deine kreativen Gedanken - es ist schön, dass du uns an diesen teilhaben läßt.Liebe Grüße, Inge

  3. I will never grow tired of seeing your portraits! There is just something about the face, whether painted, photographed or sculpted, that I can't get enough of.

    I hope you have a terrific art-filled week!


  4. That's me! Not only does the description match my profile, the painting even looks like me! We have the same dreamy, sad and childish green eyes.

    I am finally free after ditching the expectations, the anxiety, the sleepless nights. Now I am ready to LIVE!

    Wonderful piece, Silke.

    Eleonora xx

  5. Your paintings never bore me, they are wonderful. And the joy you describe when you write about them is such a pleasure to read. After I've read a post by you I always want to get busy creating to capture that "feel good" that comes as a by product.

  6. Oh I could never grow tired of seeing the faces that jump out at you from your canvas. That is what happens to me when I paint a face. I too am pretty much a face person. Great job. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  7. Love your colors. This piece is interesting. It seems like it could be sad or serene, whichever I might be in the mood for.

    ~Og from the Og Blog (ogblog.enchantstudios.com)

  8. I think you have to paint what you love to paint Silke. Modigliani painted a lot of women and O'Keefe painted a lot of flowers. Even Van Gogh repeated his painting, something that I am apt to do sometimes, yet we never tire of seeing each painting. Go for it sisterfriend. The more women there are, the merrier. Then we shall call them Silke's Ladies or Silke's Women or Silke's Girls...It's yours and your own unique style.

  9. ...and I also meant to say, I keep coming back for more!

  10. Most certainly no longer confined! I love her lips. OOooo did you have a little yarn exchange with The Fanciful One? I sent her the link to your ETSY to see your magnificent works when she posted those beautiful photos of her creations. You both could probably make art out of anything. **blows kisses** Deb

  11. Whatever you do, do it until you are done with it.
    The joy you get from painting women shows in your work and gives me joy!
    I like them not out lined as much as I do the outlines.
    Good luck in the giveaway!!!

  12. Lovely job, Silke! The new techniques you've employed have given her a subtle softness. She's quite lovely. Good luck for Illustration Friday! :) Theresa

  13. Bore me with your lovely paintings????

  14. That is another beautiful painting Silke. The funnest part for us is being able to watch you, from afar, evolve as an artist. Thank you for sharing your amazing works with all of us.:)

  15. I love your paintings and it's so wonderful that you share them with us! Thank you for bringing me inspiration with each post. *Hugs* ~Jamie

  16. I can remember the first paintings - I remember an angel that emerged. It is so wonderful to watch you unfold, painting by painting.

  17. Thank you, all, for your wonderful comments!! And that you like following along on my creative journey! So, I'll keep painting my women until I feel compelled to paint something else... Much love, Silke

  18. silke, boring never. i can see i have a bit to catch up on here. it is such a relief to let the muse and the magic do the creating. i love all the surprises that come with that.

    btw, do you paint and eat at the same time? (heehee)

  19. I love that you share the intimate process of breathing life into each portrait. It sounds like you are really enjoying your art. The outcome is lovely.

  20. Silke, I can never get bored of you're faces, they are all so very different people and such beautiful eyes. Love how soft this lady looks.
    Thank you so much Silke for your beautiful messages. I just had to come and thank you for them.
    You keep painting faces as many as you like as they are all beautiful.

  21. Hello, beautiful lady! Aah, I see you are sitting down to eat again. :D And of COURSE the refrigerator lies at the end of your rainbow. Much better than a pot of gold. Unless they are gold-covered chocolates, of course.

    Loved your photo tour and all the beautiful art in your house. And this latest painting is fantastic! They each have their own personality. And it's wonderful that you are experimenting with new styles!

    Thank you so much for your visit. I haven't been blog-hopping much, and I apologize. The girls and I finally moved into our townhouse, and I find that without my parents to help, I'm a lot busier. But I'm finding a routine and will hopefully get more time to visit and create next week. Have a fantastic weekend, Silke!


  22. It is a fabulous pleasure, Silke, to see your work and your evolving journey. Creativity is such an amazing process and I love your energy. You are inspirational. Bright wishes to you. xx