Monday, January 4, 2010

Look What Came in the Mail!

A little before Christmas, my friend Julie-Ann Bowden and I swapped two of my scarves for one of her gorgeous paintings! Well, this angel arrived on Saturday and I couldn't be happier! Not only is the painting beautiful, but I love the texture of it. We are trying to find the perfect spot for her in our living room! Thank you, Julie-Ann!!!! You have made me very happy!! If you aren't familiar with Julie-Ann's work and generous, loving spirit, make sure you stop by her blog - you are in for a treat!

On the same day, I also received my first installment of a subscription to this lovely German magazine (I previously posted about it here) - a Christmas present from my dad! It has the most gorgeous photos, interesting articles, scrumptious recipes, and always crafting tips and knitting patterns. For all you German-speaking friends, you might like it, too!!

Well, Daniel started teaching again today, which means that the rhythms of our lives are going to change a bit. It always takes me day or two to adjust to the new routine and today is one of those adjustment days. I feel restless, don't know where to start, what to do... So, I am taking it easy, enjoying the very cold weather (they are predicting light snow on Thursday - in Savannah!), and I'm starting to pick up our Christmas decorations so I can pack them away this week. I didn't think I was ready yet, but suddenly I am.

That brings me to a question for all of you. I find myself at a loss as to how to decorate around the house this time of year. Christmas is over, but spring isn't here yet. And I need something to replace our Christmas decorations - otherwise it just looks too bare. Do you have any suggestions?

I hope your week is off to a great start!! I am looking forward to catching up with you on your blogs...and thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last post! I so appreciate your encouragement!!


  1. Man, you made out like a bandit! Gorgeous painting! Love the painting style & the colors. I also love that magazine -- it looks wonderful. You know how I love magazines.

    For decorating, it's a bit too soon to decorate for Valentine's Day. But what about getting ideas from your new mag? This is the time I must have tons of candles around me, what with the sun setting so early. And I think I'm inspired by that last photo to use neutrals and naturals -- flowers (silk or real), pine cones, dried potpourri, etc. Or you could hang the painting and then buy some small accessories in those colors -- things like candles, runners, pillows, etc.

    Good post! I'll be coming back to look at these pics.

  2. That is a beautiful painting. Renee also received the painting of her family. It was awesome. She does great work. Perhaps your new magazine might give you ideas on the decorating process, or visit some blogs that cater to decorating. My friend Manuela does a lot of decorating for all seasons. She is at She has a great blog. You might like it. Take care and congrats on that beautiful painting.

  3. Silke, the painting and the magazine looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this, feel so honored. I did get two scarfs which are very beautiful!

    Teacher's are in so much demand, the call for your hubby to go back must be so strong.
    My hubby's dad, Richard, is a high school tutor and he is working in his retirement also. To tell you the truth I think the teaching is in their blood and feel such a passion for it. To hear Richard talk, he is so proud of his pupils. I cannot see him ever wishing to give it up.
    I can see how much you are going to miss your hubby each day. You look the best of soul mates! Sending you some huge smiles and hope you can do all the things you dream of doing.

    I wonder if valentines could be your next theme around the house, red and love hearts.

    Big Hug!


  4. Hi Silke, oooh what a gorgeous picture - how wonderful to receive that in the post! The magazine looks wonderful - it might be a bit beyond my schoolgirl German - maybe I could get Noah to translate it for me...

    We'll be taking down our decorations this week too & I'm thinking our house will look a little bare - although the mice are always weaving a rich tapestry of colour around the place anyway...!

    Take care & tweet to you soon xxx

  5. lovely painting!!! what a great swap!
    It is hard getting back into a new routine again, but good to know that you need a few days to adjust.

    I have to take my Christmas decorations down the day after boxing day, it really makes me sad to see them after that.

  6. oh what a wonderful painting Silke!!! lovely swap!!!

    Looks like you're having a wonderful start to 2010!!!


  7. What a beautiful painting! I checked out Julie-Ann's blog and I really like her work. Oh, and the magazine looks pretty nifty too : )

  8. what a beautiful painting...I have seen Julie ann's work and am an admirer too! The magazine looks delicious, wish I were fluent in German, hhmmm maybe the pictures will be enough?

  9. Julie-ann's painting is gorgeous - as always! Lucky you! I just adore her and her style of painting.

    Love and hugs,

  10. Oh what a gift, I'm sure you'll treasure this!It makes me so happy to see all the love swirling through the blogosphere, we are all so lucky and so blessed to have so many dear friends.
    i'm afraid i'll be no help with decorating since i live in an area where nurserys and gardens grow flowers year round. my husband just came home yesterday with a bouquet of roses and i love how they warm up the house. I love to decorate with things from nature though, maybe you could bring in a few branches and attach little birds or butterflies to them, in hopes of spring around the corner!
    I love that magazine, i am going to see if i can have one sent here, Wanderlust is one of my favorite words so i think i must see Landlust!
    take care,
    ♥ lori

  11. Fantastic swap Silke!! The artwork is lovely. I'm with Beth on the candles. I'm a big fan of candlelight and it's a perfect time of year for them.

  12. I love her blue pigtails! Beautifully stunning. Yes, candles are very lovely any time of year. Perhaps some of that gorgeous southern folage in a vase before the snow comes...or a new little lamp placed in a dark corner. **blows 2010 kisses** Deb

  13. Lovely painting! You are lucky, but so was Julie Ann to get your scarves!
    When I put away the decorations I always try to "redecorate" by rearranging. I mostly rearrange accessories and paintings rather than furniture but it really helps to change it all up and create something new and fresh after the loss of the lovely holiday decorations. Looks like the magazines have some great ideas too. Have fun with it.

  14. Lucky, lucky you!
    Julie ist so ein Schatz und ihre Bilder sind wundervoll.

  15. A beautiful painting and very lovely magazine. Congratulations.

    Yes, I have a decorating tips: Don't dust and pretend that the accumulated dusts are snowflakes!

    I am putting away Christmas decorations so I can start painting!

    Have a lovely evening!

  16. silke, so many treats here tonight! i am lucky to have my morning coffee in julie's angel mug. she deserves everything that is now around her.

    this time of year i'm thinking of forcing some spring bulbs, tulips and daffodils. along with candles, that satisfies my winter decorating. and i like lori's suggestion too: bring in the branches and decorate them!


  17. Swaps can be so rewarding. What a lovely painting!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  18. Aah, you lucky girl! That is one gorgeous painting. Wow, her art is so timeless, classic but with a modern twist. I'm sure she's loving your beautiful scarves, too. And how wonderful of your father to send you that subscription! Yay, dad!

    As for decorating, I like great big branches of winterberry. :)

  19. Hi Silke,
    Lovely painting by Julie and a great magazine from Germany!:)
    Very beautiful photos and inspiring. Talking about decorating... Have you ever seen Willow branches?
    They are a long spiral shape and look great bunched together in a large pot.
    I hope you will enjoy playing in the snow.
    Best wishes for 2010.
    Love Jo.x
    Your painting in your last post is stunning!:)

  20. How lucky to get such treats in the mail. I love the photographs in your magazine, looks like it is full of inspiration. I'm a terrible decorator, I always use my sister for ideas-shes full of them as you could imagine.