Thursday, April 16, 2009

Postcards from Europe

I am extremely lucky in that I have a wonderfully supportive family, and even though we live far apart from each other, we mange to stay close thanks to the wonders of modern technology. But what means the most to me are the photos my dad sends on a regular basis. When he goes anywhere, he never goes without his camera and as soon as he gets home, he sends me pictures of anything from family celebrations, my sweet nephews at play, my sister, dear friends, his garden in bloom, their dog doing tricks, to frequent trips to the market (which is one of my favorite places in the world!). So, yesterday, he and my sister went to the market and he sent these pictures of Daniel's and my favorite stands: the Dutch cheese stand (above) and the Mediterranean stand (below). In can almost smell the perfume of olives and garlic (I am not quite so fond of the smell of the cheese)! Mountains of white asparagus, cut that very morning - ahhh, we are missing another season of asparagus and freshly picked strawberries! My mouth is watering as I write this! Actually, I am almost drooling...
And as if the photos from my dad weren't enough to make us dream about a visit, our dear friend, Raina, sent us these stunning pictures from Amsterdam showing off their legendary tulips in full bloom!

I feel so grateful for our family and friends in our "other" home across the Atlantic who share their experiences and photos and therefore never feel far away!


  1. I really enjoyed these photos and I could easily hear your voice telling the story. WONDERFUL! --Linda Rae

  2. I enjoyed a one-minute vacation, thanks to your photos! What's interesting is, at first glance, I thought that woman in the blue jacket was you.

  3. lovely photos, thank you for sharing!