Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Angel - Revised and Complete

Thank you all for your very wonderful comments on my angel! Still last night, I took her and changed her. I took out the "heart" word and added "light" and "love." (Click on the image if you'd like to see her larger.) After that, she looked happy and complete!

It's interesting to me how a painting just doesn't quite seem "right." And when I finally (sometimes after Daniel's sage advice) change one little thing, the whole piece sort of comes together. Quite amazing!

Wishing you lots of light and love!


  1. She has a nice feeling about her. And I just noticed her green eyes -- of course, I go for those!

  2. It is! beautiful and I love the texture and colors

  3. She is really gorgeous. I love the scale of the so wide & open.

  4. Raina said...
    For me Angel is enough without words. Her presence radiates light and love, compassion and wisdom to me. Her wings invite me to take a closer look at her beauty. Wonderful!

  5. she is lovely, I love how her wings span out.

  6. She is beautiful! I often sign my notes light and love or blessings and wishes, etc. and I know that sometimes a simple beautiful word is all someone might need that day. So, congratulations on spreading light and joy.
    Blessings to a fabulous artist!