Thursday, April 9, 2009

Filled with Hope

I decided to name this new collage painting "Filled with Hope," not just because of the eggs in the nest, but also because that's how I feel as I am creating. Here, I wanted to play with paper, torn and cut, and although this came out a little more cutesy than I had intended, there are aspects of it I really like.

I started out with a paper that Daniel had gessoed some time back and the texture showed a round pattern, which made me think of a nest (ok, nests are on my mind anyway with Easter coming...). I used art paper, some leftover scraps and two kinds of handmade papers we had gotten in Mexico.

At some point, I was ready to throw it out and start something else - nothing was coming together, but in the end it turned out alright. Not my favorite, but considering this is only painting number three for me, I need to cut myself some slack...

That said, I have a feeling that I am going to play with this some more. It somehow doesn't feel quite finished yet. If I change it, I'll show you the updated version.

On to the next experiment!!

On another note...

Thank you so very much to the talented Val of Vania's Art for awarding me my very first Blogger Award for "A Passion for Painting." I feel so honored!! Another award! Make sure to check out Val's beautiful art on her blog!!

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  1. Yes, cut yourself some slack, and maybe some gorgeous ribbon, or paper, or goodness a slice of cake cause you deserve it! I know this will be beautiful from what I can tell. Blessings and light on this grand day! Amy