Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Brights & Pretties

I've been having great fun decorating for Easter and unpacking all of our old treasures. This year, in an attempt to allow my girly side to come out and play, I've been incorporating some new old items as well, like a collection of pretty cups we have, some having belonged to Daniel's mother, and one that belonged to mine. They usually sit in the cupboard, well protected, but I might have to find a permanent spot in the house to display them, they are so pretty!

I found the branches in this photo in our backyard and decided they'd make a perfect display for our little wooden Easter ornaments.

Here is one of the pretty cups that used to belong to Daniel's mom. Also, a dear friend of mine, Lisa, and I made the eggs in the background some 20 years ago. We had seen batiked eggs at someones house in Germany and decided to try making some. They turned out beautifully. But what's even more amazing is that they survived 20 years and many big moves!

Doesn't the cup look like it's a scene right out of "Gone with the Wind," which by the way was my mother's favorite movie? She must have seen it more than 30 times! It's a little sad to me that she didn't live long enough to see me move to Scarlett O'Hara's part of the country. She would have loved it here!

The first sweet peas from our garden. Ahhhhh, spring is here!

This is the little cup that was my mother's. I remember looking at it when I was a little girl and just loving how dainty it was and so elegant, the pretty pink color and the gold rim. And now as an adult, I am still smitten with it! I'm glad it survived the move from Germany intact.

Easter wouldn't be complete without our little ducks, which were a wedding present many years ago from my dear childhood friend, Petra. I love how they look like they are smelling and enjoying the flowers...

On another note, a couple of days ago I finished my very first piece of art and am using it as the header for my blog! I am somewhat stunned that it was usable at all and even more so that I liked it! I fully expected my first piece to be pure practice. I'm already on to the next one, so stay tuned...

P.S. These pictures also celebrate Bright Week, hosted by the wonderful blog Concrete and Honey!

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  1. Wonderful Easter decorations! I especially like the dainty pink cup that was your mom's. You're inspiring me to do some decorating. I don't have many Easter items, but maybe I can make a little something. Or two. :]