Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Changed New Art...

Ok, so I thought the last posting was the finished piece of art, but after looking at it with Daniel, I changed my mind and moved the shell with the sea weed over to the right. It had bothered me that I had it in the corner so close to the edge and then it occurred to me that I could actually change it. And I did! I like it even better now and won't change it again. Well, at least not today...

I am working on my next piece and like the way it's coming along. I should have something new to post in a day or two!

In the meantime, we are enjoying a cold snap here in the south with wind and plenty of sunshine. As I was walking Winslow this morning wearing a winter jacket, I was filled with appreciation for a little cold weather before the heat starts in earnest.

While I was walking, I watched the birds having the best time gliding on the strong wind and thought that that's what I want to learn to do next time my life gets a little stormy, simply spread my wings and glide...


  1. I love your artwork! So moody and beautiful! The deep reds are really nice!
    Glad I stumbled onto your blog!

  2. Hi Silke - I like the way you changed your painting - I think it balances out nicely now, with the shell in the middle - I look forward to seeing your next artwor - cheers Val

  3. You have been awared - come to my blog and copy the award onto your computer, then download it into your blog - CONGRATS!

  4. Cool piece ... love the layers, the colors and ... the birds! :D