Monday, April 6, 2009

New Art...

I just finished my second piece of art and I am very excited about it. It truly is mixed media with paper, gesso, acrylics, gold watercolor, some sort of sea plant and a shell found here at the beach. It was hard photographing it so everything would show up. In the first photo, you can see more of the gold and in the second one a little more of the texture details. The "real" painting looks very luminous. Now...what to call it? Any ideas?!?

I think I am hooked - going to start my next piece as soon as I finish this post...housework be damned...

One note about yesterday's post. I had to laugh this morning when I looked at how nonchalantly I wrote about the alligator we saw on our walk. Daniel and I were joking that had I seen it the first time we walked there, I would have turned around, sprinted back to the car never to return again. But after three years in the southeast, I've gotten used to seeing the occasional gator sunning itself by the water...


  1. Oh I love the little birds! So cute... you have a gift! I can't wait to see what else you create.

    On the alligator-- I grew up in Louisiana and my mother would take us to the swamps on the side of the highway to feed the alligators. What you ask-- marshmallows. Apparently they have a great affinity for them :) Have a wonderful day!!

  2. How about As Above, So Below as a possible title.
    You are definitely talented Silke. I love the texture. The painting has a grounded and luminous feeling to it. The colors are just great. The lines on the left connect the whole painting. I feel priveledged to watch the birds interact with each other. The figures on the right look like angles coming down from heaven. Interesting... Raina is so proud of you.

  3. How pretty! Are you sure you haven't been secretly painting for years?? I don't have any good suggestions for titles, but if I think of something, I'll email you. Rock on with your inner artiste!

  4. Oh, I love the soft dreamy quality of your artowrk, very lovely to look at :)

  5. First...I'm glad we only get Moose in our yard. Although of the critters you ran across on your walk, I'd be more freaked out by the beetles than the gator. I'm a big chicken when it comes to bugs. :)

    Your painting - love it! The colors are so luscious like berry sorbet & the metallic looks great in there too. Ok...I gotta go paint something now!

    xo ~ k