Sunday, April 19, 2009

Never Alone

I love this picture of my dad and his sister when they were young. There's another version of it where they are smiling, but I really like this one! They were close growing up and have remained friends all these years. Actually, we are all really close and I feel extremely lucky in that.

Here again, I did an image transfer (can you tell I am enamored by those?), but this time onto a sample pad of Strathmore paper for acrylics. This was my first time working on an absorbent surface, which brought with it some surprises. The final piece makes me smile...


  1. Look at those serious little faces! How sweet. Sometime when I am able to focus better, you will have to teach me how to do images transfers -- the look really appeals to me. And then maybe I can teach it to the folks in my Creativity Circle. Here's to a happy & creative spring! So glad it's finally here.

  2. Thanks for stopping by at my blog ...ajhh your entry about White asparagus made my mouth water toooo ...i moved to england some 21 years ago ( I am also a german native) and love white asparagus ..the green variety just does not taste the same ...
    I love growing my own organic vegetables...have not thought about trying to grow white asp ..though... you inspired me to go investigating possible plants :-) ...
    ♥ milliande

  3. This is just lovely.....and so precious because it's your dad and his sister. Image transfer is something I would love to learn.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  4. Thanks for the link!
    It looks like you have a lot of fun :) Very nice.

  5. You are inspiring me on several levels! I love the transparency of the image transfers--and so much more fun than printing images from the computer directly on paper to be worked on. I love the words at the edge--just everything! Thank you for the links, too! I'll return the favor as soon as I learn how to!

  6. So lovely and rich at the same time. The eyes just draw you in. Your backgrounds are amazing.

  7. The faces are serious but there is definitely music around them. The words 'never alone'are just perfect. The small circles pleasantly surprised me. The colors you chose give the painting an antique feeling. Thanx for sharing.

  8. I love seeing your visits and I thank-you for your words. Blessings friend.