Monday, April 13, 2009

Little Treasures

I am usually a big picture kind of person, which can be a real gift. However, I so admire people (like my very talented artist husband, Daniel) who notice the beauty that lies in the details, the little things. So, yesterday on a walk we took with Winslow, I tried to pay attention to little treasures and here is some of the beauty I noticed...

A tiny little weed
A dash of color
Gnarly beauty
A lizard greeting the warm sun
Soft love in a rockA heart on the ground
And a patient vigil
Now I am going to head back to my studio to find that same beauty in the art I create. Hopefully, I'll have something new to post very soon!


  1. I am so glad! Look at the love and sweetnesses you noticed! Joyous blog. Blessings from Amy.

  2. Silke, what's the story behind the love rock?

  3. We walked at Bonaventure Cemetery (remember how beautiful it is?) and I found the rock laying on a very old headstone. I wish I had a clearer picture of it, but I sort of like the soft focus.

  4. Hi Silke - I'm having some trouble with our new computer, but was able to finally get to your blog using our trusty, old, slow computer.

    This post is lovely - I started doing the same thing recently - looking at the details around me for the beauty I've been overlooking. I've been posting most of it in my other (environmental) blog, but I find it wonderful that we both have been trying to see things differently, but in the same way.

    Bis bald,