Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swamp Things

Friday, we spent a rainy morning at the Savannah Wildlife Refuge just across the state line in South Carolina. We weren't sure if we'd see anything because of the rain, but we ended up seeing quite a bit and got some great photos. If you want to see any of them bigger, just click on them! In the picture above, I loved the rainy scene, but there also is an alligator sticking his head out of the water.

A gorgeous waterbird kept fluttering by the side of the road - a Purple Gallinule.
Here a small alligator is hiding between the pieces of wood in the water, perfectly camouflaged! I also love the water reflections.
A nosy turtle kept sticking its head above water to look at us. You can just see some of the pattern on its shell under water.
A harmless snake Daniel found next to the road.
A Great Blue Heron and an alligator.
Another heron in the tree.
A perfectly visible alligator in front of some beautiful water lilies.
A huge gator trying to catch some rays when it finally stopped raining!
And two brave friends daring to get out of the car to see the wildlife up close and (not too) personal...
Tomorrow, I'll post some beautiful photos we took in Savannah last week and today! It's great playing tourist along with our visitors - it makes us realize every time that we live in a gorgeous city in a beautiful area!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Such gorgeous photos - I can't wait to show them to my children when they wake up tomorrow! They were very excited that you were going looking for alligators!

  2. Silke, you are so pretty! Your smile is gorgeous!

    Love the swamp wildlife photos! The alligators get me everytime! Can't wait to see the Savannah photos :) Have a lovely evening!

  3. Those are some nice pictures, it seems so strange or perhaps foreign to me, in Idaho, to hear you talk about alligators...pretty neat. Interesting enough, we have all sorts of blue heron in the area, once in a while one will even stay all winter long hoping that the ice fishermen will be kind enough to share.

    I'm glad to see that you are having a really great time with your friend.

  4. OMG ,one of my favorite things is wet lands , ponds and tidal pools !! Hey Sweets help!!! I do not know how to move my award to my blogger site .Do I copy, paste make a file and then import ...UGHHH! I am missing out in all the fun!! I hate that !!! I can do it on my old mac blog but am new with my blogger blog and am clueless!!! Hugs Julie

  5. I Did It ,to easy ! What was my problem. Thanks for the lesson. The award is mine now .Thanks So much!! Now I get to spread the love!! hugs Julie

  6. It looks like they all came out to greet you! I am sure they were smiling, too. Blessings.

  7. Isn't it amazing how you need to have company come to visit all the wonderful things that are local to you? Thank you for the award, I feel honored. I will leave a link to you when I figure it out. Thanks again.

  8. Savannah is one of the places I want to visit! Lucky you! I tagged you! Come on over to my blog..Xo, SuZi