Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was knitting earlier today and thought that I ought to do a post about that. I learned knitting in elementary school and from my grandmother and I consider it very calming and meditative. Last year, I started making these very pretty scarves just for the joy of knitting and soon I had so many that I decided to list them on eBay.
To my surprise, they were quite popular, especially before Christmas. I got so busy with eBay bids and special orders that I started knitting two scarves at a time! You can check them out on eBay by clicking here. Usually, I have more scarves of different color ways listed, but I just sold a bunch and need to get busy knitting. Also, my new painting passion definitely cuts down on my knitting time...

Of course, I knit things other than scarves like these crazy artist socks for Daniel (oh, happy feet!)
and these cute baby booties for a friend's sweet baby boy.
I still have some cotton yarn and am contemplating starting some socks for myself.

Have I been painting, you wonder? Yes, definitely, but I am working on a birthday present for someone in my family and can't post it until they've received it (although I am dying for you all to see it!!). Soon though...


  1. That is really amazing Silke, you have such a wide variety of I remember my grandmother used to knit and crochet, I still have some of the things she made for me. Anyways, all I can say is... very nice.


  2. Your scarfs are fun and so colorful. My grandmother knitted also, but I never had her teach me how. You are so lucky to have taken advantage of that knowledge.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. Your knitting is gorgeous - the scarves are fab - but I love the socks so much, beautiful colours.

    Hope you don't mind if i drop by again.

    Best wishes

    Sarah x

  4. OMG girl. You cook organic . Paint like and angel and knit your own clothes!!! The botties are little sweeties... Your friend will love them!! Oh and my FLY letters from wonderful hobby lobby are about 18 inches tall, a perfect size .Sorry you do not have a Hobby lobby. Neither does my sister. hugs Julie

  5. Holy cow, these are gorgeous scarves! And very cool socks and booties, too. I love the jewel-like ribbon (yarn?) you use. And I am sooooo impressed that you knit two at a time! I can only knit squares and rectangles. :)

  6. I love love that style of ribbon for knitting! Beautiful! Thanks for the kindest words when you visited! Blessings.

  7. Gorgeous work. I love the scarves. I've crochet with that type of yarn and it isn't easy to use at all. Well done!

  8. Raina said...
    The scarves are just the way I imagined them...gorgeous:-)I like the yarn and I love the colors. The socks are so cute. You are becoming a multi creative enterprise:-) It sounds like so much fun to do all these creative things. Much love.

  9. ganz wunderbar! i think you will like my blog a lot! check it out at:

    i hope to see you there!

  10. I make that exact scarf too !! how funny :) which reminds me...I think I'd better get started on a couple for gifts :D Your other knitting is quite impressive too !!!