Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art - Owl Woman

Finally I am posting some art again... Well, I told you that I saw a figure in this background when I was looking at it, trying to decide what to do with it. I took a white pastel pencil to quickly outline her and the owl I saw perched on her arm. When I was done, I liked the sketch so much, being able to see the background through her, that I am leaving it like this. I like her. What do you think?

On another front, we are enjoying sunshine this morning, which has been in short supply lately with thunderstorms and heavy rain having become the predominant weather pattern. Yesterday, we went to look for alligators in the rain (stay tuned for some great pictures later today or tomorrow), and this morning we are off to the beach to take advantage the break in the rain, which is forecast again for this afternoon.

Wishing you all an amazing Saturday!!


  1. I really like it, they way you left it makes it look somewhat apparitional. Really looking forward to hearing about alligators in the rain.

  2. I think she's fantastic. It's eerie yet cheery at the same time. It kind of makes me think she's standing in the arc of a rainbow on a misty day...

  3. What beautiful lines! Such a nice contrast, this delicate figure and the bold, vibrant colors. And gorgeous beach photos below, too! I've never encountered that much sea life on the beach before.

  4. Silke Hi, just made a comment, but it kind of dissapered in the air.
    I like her: she is reatching for the light--
    beautifull colors.
    And the beach walk, so beautifull too.
    xo Dorthe

  5. Oh I love her, her whole stance is powerful, yet she seems serene & friendly too.

    Alligators in the rain - I can't wait to see this!!

    Sarah x

  6. I love this! My parents gave me an old sign post as a teen that had aged, silver grain (as old wood gets)and the artist saw a woman in the grain and used india ink and chalk to find her. You see well:)Thanks for the great words when you visited.
    Blessings Amy

  7. Raina said...
    I love the vibrant colors and I especially love the owl. I also like the faces in the background. Alligators??? Can't wait...